What is a Pre-Approved Tenant Advantage Passport?



At Tenant Referencing UK we are more than aware that there is a shortage of good homes for everyone and when a new property comes onto the market, our letting division at TR Lettings is inundated with inquiries for each property every day. Landlords will select the tenant they prefer based on initial contact, compatibility and some brief questioning, then, when they have chosen their preferred tenant, they will start the referencing process instructing us to carry out the full referencing procedure to show them a prospective tenants suitability based on affordability, tenant history and capability to get Insurance to give them security in the future.

This process can be harrowing because after you have been selected for the tenancy and built your hopes up for that particular new home, you then have to hope that you pass the referencing procedure, the credit checks, affordability and even your last landlord reference etc. and, for a landlord, it can take a long time and a lot of meeting tenants to get the one they want.

Even when a landlord selects the best candidate after referencing we all know that people’s circumstances change and problems can arise in any tenancy even if they are the best tenant in the world when taking up their tenancy.  Because of this, landlords want security and look for an insurance guarantee that they will get the rent and their legal bills paid in the event that a tenant should have problems in the future. Quite simply, the more security you can give a landlord, the more chance you have of getting the property and home that YOU want.

We offer this insurance product to landlords and then thought that you, as a tenant, should be able to offer a landlord the product so you can get an advantage at the outset that you will be able to prove without doubt to a landlord that not only do you want their property because you have applied for it but that you are completely suitable and can afford the rent.  You can even get a passport before you start looking for a new property and this will give you confidence tht you can apply for the property you want and secure it at a viewing. That is why we have created the Pre-approved tenant advantage passport especially for you the tenant.

Your pre-approved tenant advantage passport gives you a complete reference pack showing that you have passed the referencing.  It will show a landlord you can afford the property.  It will clarify your history in previous tenancies and it will even show your “Right 2 Rent” in the UK.  Then, because you have got a pre-approved tenant advantage passport, you will be able to offer your new landlord the opportunity to register themselves with Tenant Referencing UK enabling them to initiate the rent guarantee insurance which comes as part of the pre-approved tenant advantage passport package.  This advantage insurance gives a landlord the benefits of £50,000 rent guarantee & legal expenses cover should you fall into unforeseen problems in the future. Important note: You, the tenant are not the insured party, the insurance is not to assist or protect you in the event of unforeseen problems, the policy is against your future failure and it is solely in place to protect the landlord so that if they offer you a home that you may otherwise not get they will be covered. You should always pay your rent on time no matter what your circumstances have become as failure to pay the rent will result in the loss of your home.  Once the insurance has been applied to your new landlord the policy can even be renewed by your Landlord on an annual basis throughout the period of your tenancy giving them constant security every year.

Tenant Referencing has surveyed 100 landlords and 92 said they would prefer to take a tenant who has a valid pre-approved tenant advantage passport rather than a tenant that they had to reference and hope they passed.  Imagine the advantage you will have by going to a viewing and presenting your pre-approved tenant advantage passport with all the above benefits that come with it versus someone who does not and that is because 92 out of 100 landlords means you have a 92% better chance of getting a property over others without a pre-approved tenant advantage passport.


The first thing you must do is calculate your affordability. You can do this by entering your sole or joint incomes into the Calculator below to work out if you can afford the property you are, or will be, Applying for, or to see what rent you will be accepted for on your current incomes. Important Note: if you are using a joint income to cover the rent both parties will need to pass referencing, if only one party passes then they will need to be able to prove that they can support the entire rent themselves.


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I should start with how much should it cost – well, the cost of the product with our competitors can be up to £450 but at Tenant Referencing UK we want you to get security for your future for less so you can get the entire package including all taxes for just £120, this is a fantastic deal for tenants as it includes the full referencing, the issuing of your passport and then the £50K rent guarantee & legal cover for your future landlord. Multiple tenants on a tenancy agreement need to add £40 for each additional reference needed and guarantors added to a passport must also pay £40 and be referenced in the same manner as the tenants.

The Pre-Approved tenant advantage passport package, includes the full referencing, tenant history, right to rent immigration check, rent guarantee, legal cost cover and can be yours for just £120. You do not even need to pay it all upfront. You pay just £40 for the reference and then if you pass and are eligible to the insurance offer you pay the additional £80 to get your passport activation code. What an attractive package for a landlord who gets a great tenant and who pays nothing and more importantly if you choose a private landlord that will be the only cost you incur.


Simply fill in the form on the link below and we will call you to take payment over the phone by credit or debit card via World Pay and then we will start your referencing.  It really is that easy …. and then with a small £40 payment you could put yourself at the front of the queue for a new property and a better home.

As soon as your referencing is complete, we will call you to make the second payment of £80 and then give you your passport and landlord/letting agent activation code.  Once you have received you passport you simply go to your potential landlord/letting agent at viewing and show him the passport documents.

CEO of Tenant Referencing UK, Paul Routledge commented; Being a Landlord myself, should a tenant come to me with full referencing acceptance and a rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance worth £50,000 they would certainly be my next tenant.


Why landlords and letting agents are taking the Pre-Approved Tenant Advantage Passport

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