TenantReferencingUK.com – Membership Application

TenantReferencingUK.com – Membership Application



Tenant Referencing UK’s services are now extensive and cover every aspect of your letting requirements.  

Tenant Referencing UK offers the most comprehensive tenant referencing and with our extensive range of free services we cover everything you will need as a landlord or letting agent in the future to keep your property investment safe. As a new member you will receive your own Secure Tenant Referencing Dashboard free. You can then carry out and archive your complete Tenant References including Financial and History Reports, ID & Bank References, Right to Rent Checks, Rent Guarantee Products + More and we even give you a free Property Maintenance Alert Repairs Reporting and Management System.

As a Tenant Referencing UK member you have many options to suit your needs, you can reference tenants yourself using all the online forms free and reference from as little as £7. Alternatively if you are looking for a comprehensive professional tenant referencing service, we can offer you a full serviced reference whereby a qualified and fully trained data processing member of staff will carry out the whole referencing process for you from sending out application forms to providing and showing you all the references, once the process is completed you will see all the references in your archives and these will be explained in a comprehensive final report. If you do not charge your tenants for referencing and want a really easy no cost option, you can even get the tenant to carry out their own referencing with us which is then delivered to you with our unique tenant passport service. (What is a Tenant Passport)

Once you have joined Tenant Referencing UK.com you will be Network Referencing in real time with over 30,000+ fellow UK Landlords & Letting Agents, you will be kept up to date on new legislation and be given all the support you need to become or continue to be a competent professional within the Private Rented Sector.

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To declare false information on this website about your status as a landlord or letting agent is deception. www.landlordreferencing.co.uk will not tolerate any deceptive practices to get information by fraudulentmeans from this organisation. To supply a false declaration herein is a criminal offence and is prosecutable by law carrying a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.
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