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Will new mortgage lending criteria force rents up even higher?

01 June, 20160 Comments
Next year, new guidelines for mortgage lending criteria come into force prior to new tax rules and this could mean that buy-to-let investments are just for wealthier or more experienced investors which will make it harder for first time investors to enter into the market. Following on from the increase to the minimum rental cover
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Mass Buy-to-Let Selling Could be Threat to Economy

30 March, 20160 Comments
The recent boom in the buy-to-let sector could pose a threat to the economy in the event of a large-scale sell-off of properties, a senior official at the Bank of England has warned. Sir Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor for financial stability at the central bank, pointed in particular to a surge in lending to buy-to-let
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Landlords Taking Measures to Safeguard Their Profits

29 February, 20160 Comments
The various tax reforms targeting landlords announced by George Osborne last year, and taking effect over the next few years, have sent many of the UK’s landlords on the hunt for ways of protecting their profits. A number of strategies have emerged to keep property investments profitable in the Chancellor’s tough tax reforms. Most particularly, there has been
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Tax Reforms Squeezing Property Investors

04 January, 20160 Comments
Residential property investors are facing tough times, with several recent tax reforms putting the squeeze on buy-to-let landlords. As the announced changes roll out over the next few years, many landlords will see the returns they get from their investments significantly impacted and some may see currently profitable assets turned into loss-makers. The most recent
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Property Investment: Alternatives to Buy-to-Let

22 December, 20150 Comments
Becoming a buy-to-let landlord is essentially the standard route to property investment, but with serious tax changes being rolled out over the next few years its profitability for many ordinary investors is set to decline markedly. Nonetheless, there are other ways to invest in the UK’s property market, and these include: Crowdfunded Property Investment Crowdfunding
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Essential Buy-to-Let Property Investment Tips for Landlords

23 November, 20150 Comments
Buy-to-let is increasingly popular among seasoned investors and first-time landlords alike, and pension pot self-investors in particular are turning to property as a source of retirement income. If you are getting into buy-to-let for the first time, there are a number of important tips that you may want to bear in mind. Do Your Homework
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Landlords vs. Owner-Occupiers: Is There Any Advantage When Buying a Property?

28 October, 20150 Comments
The common perception is that buy-to-let investors have an advantage over owner-occupiers when it comes to property purchases, and that this advantage is a result of more favourable tax rules. However, even a cursory glance over recent, relevant headlines shows that the climate for landlords is growing less favourable with harsh taxes set for introduction,
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