329 daily reasons to join Tenant Referencing UK

329 daily reasons to join Tenant Referencing UK

There are now more than 1.75million buy to let landlords in the UK, which amounts to 329 new landlords joining the lettings industry each and every day!

Research carried out by a large estate agent also found that:

  • Over the last year the number of buy-to-let landlords rose by 7%
  • £14.2 billion a year is made in rental profits
  • Low interest rates are encouraging landlords towards the market
  • A definite surge in buy-to-let landlords rushed to buy property before the ‘landlord tax’ kicked in

And as the number of Brits who own their own home has fallen, this means more and more renters have no choice but to rent their homes; especially the younger generation.

E.g. 10 years ago just 13% of Londoners lived in rented accommodation, compared to 30% today.

Just ask yourself this:

As a private landlord or letting agent how do you know that the next person that walks into your office or calls you isn’t someone who’s just been been moved from another council or is doing a runner from their previous landlord, after running up thousands of pounds in rent default and/or property damage?

Quite simply YOU DON’T.

One of the biggest problems we have as landlords is that when new people arrive in our areas we will not be able to check them out properly because they will have limited credit ratings, etc – especially students/under 35 year olds/foreign nationals. The usual searches are almost useless, as most will not have had much credit anyway, so the only way is to take their last landlord reference – that is if they provide you with it.

Furthermore, with rogue tenants one bad apple truly can really spoil the whole bunch; this latest landlord news story just goes to prove it! > Landlord fined over £10k for failing to kerb antisocial behaviour – click here to read in full.

Instead of “chancing it” you could always use the only Pro-active Tenant History Reports in the UK today.
It’s free, it’s secure and (above all) LandlordReferencing.co.uk truly cares.

We are also here to equally support the millions of good tenants out there, who now realise that Tenant Histories are not a form of black-list at all; but a network designed to help give all decent tenants a better quality of neighbour that they deserve, as well as pay for.

Click here to have a read of these latest reviews from happy tenants who’ve used the Tenant Referencing UK system.

At Tenant Referencing UK we don’t leave any stone unturned through our in-depth referencing protocol, as we know more than anyone that there is no second chance; once you’ve take the tenant there’s no going back!

It is simple maths that the more that join and network, the bigger the community and the safer we can all become. And with a database of circa. half a million plus low score tenants (and growing daily) it is half a million reasons for people to become a member and tell others to join our ever growing community of landlords and agents too.

Lets face it, we all want to stop bad tenants and 600,000 less bad tenants you may not need to take by joining the UK’s only referencing company that provides the UK’s original and only Tenants History Report FREE as standard alongside your Financial Report is a pretty amazing deal in today’s market.

So if you haven’t already, please join LandlordReferencing.co.uk today, register your good and bad tenants and in return receive the rest of the UK’s bad tenant information direct to your computer, at both local and national levels.

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