Why Should You Activate Your Account?

Why Should You Activate Your Account?

It Costs you Nothing to Join or Upload your Tenants at Tenant Referencing UK.com.

Now you have joined the largest and fastest growing Tenant Histories website in the UK, if you are simply looking to upload a problem tenant then that is great! However, because we are a 25,000+ strong community all data sharing together in ‘real-time’ to protect one another; you will need to be authenticated for the purposes of security and data protection compliance.
The way we do this is through the minimum product purchase payment of £10, via credit or debit card. This £10 is then added to your Tenant Referencing UK credit account, that can be used for any future product purchases.
REMEMBER! We are not charging you for activating your account or for becoming a member. Once you are an activated member you can add as many tenants as you like to your personal LRS file, free of charge.

Why Should you Activate your Account?

Activating your account for just £10 not only allows you to upload your tenant free, but also enables you to obtain financial reports, immigration checks and tenant histories on any other tenant in the future.
You may be thinking ‘I just want to upload my bad tenant now’ and that’s what we want you to do! However, why would you upload your problem tenant(s) but not bother to check whether you’re taking one of the 100’s of 1000’s of problem tenants registered on our databases from previous landlords/agents in the future?

Why Are you Different?

Tenant Referencing UK offer much, much more than any other company around. No other tenant referencing company deals in the type of ‘real-time’ data sharing that we do. Furthermore, no other company can compete with the many services that we are able to provide our members; with no annual fee attached.

Companies out there that offer ‘free tenant referencing’ are actually offering these sorts of ‘deals’ in order to
capture your email address – did you know that your email address is worth ALOT more than £10 to these companies? We take great pride in keeping yours and your tenants data safe at all times (e.g. not selling it on to third parties); can you say the same about any other referencing company?…

Activating your account and checking your tenants is the best way to stop taking someone else’s problem tenants in the future. Activating your account not only allows you to upload all your tenants and manage them free but we are also a ‘one-stop shop’ for landlords, where you can:

  • Advertise your Property Online.
  • Get Serviced References.
  • Do DIY References.
  • Use our Rent VS Wages Calculator.
  • Document Renewal Reminders; e.g. gas safety.
  • Access Tenant Alerts.
  • Access Discussion Forums.
  • Register Your Deposit.
  • Buy Your RGI and Legal Insurance.
  • Access Unique Tenant History Reports.
  • Carry Out Inventories.
  • Buy Your Building and Contents Insurance.
  • Add/Edit your tenants details 24/7.
  • Even join a redress scheme.

If you need any further help or to activate your account with Worldpay over the phone, please call us on 0800 9994 994 or you can simply activate your account here by clicking the link below:

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