Why landlords and letting agents are taking the Pre-Approved Tenant Advantage Passport

Why landlords and letting agents are taking the Pre-Approved Tenant Advantage Passport


        Why Take a Pre-Approved Advantage Passport Tenant?



Tenant Referencing UK.com has been developing its unique software in tenant referencing for over 7 years. Tenant Referencing UK.com is now recognised by the industry as the most comprehensive, transparent and up to date tenant referencing systems available in the UK today.

Tenant referencing UK.com not only carries out the traditional referencing procedures like financial reports, employers referencing, previous landlord etc, but also offers a total financial cross analysis of a tenant’s income and expenditure, covering bank statements, p60, rent payments , wages slips to verify affordability. We do not stop there, we go on to offer a new landlord or agent a full tenant history, uniquely generated by previous landlords and agents uploading and sharing their data on their previous tenancies. Apart from the millions of tenant records that we share with Equifax on every UK tenant we also have over 500,000 tenant history records uploaded by our members giving us the most comprehensive knowledge on UK tenants and that is why we are the only tenant referencing system in the UK that does not need to rely totally on what a tenant tells us are their last landlord or letting agent. Our motto is “without knowledge we are all blind”.

Once the referencing process is completed Tenant Referencing UK.com will then go much further than others by checking identity and carrying out an immigration document check to prove the tenant’s right to rent in the UK. Your approved authentication code will show that you have complied with the Right to Rent act and you will never be fined in the future.

Once all the referencing and right to rent checks are completed, we will then be able to offer you, the landlord or letting agent, a £50,000 per claim rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance policy offering you the security of covering rent and eviction costs in the future. 

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(Read About The Policy For Letting Agents)

Here at Tenant ReferencingUk.com have just launched a new product, the Pre-Approved Tenant Advantage Passport.  Imagine not having to wait around and keep paying for references from a tenant who may fail,  but instead your applicant tenant will arrive at the viewing pre-referenced and pre-approved and as long as you like the tenant you can offer them the property as they have been thoroughly referenced before getting to you. No more time wasting, just do the viewing and agree to move the tenant in at a fixed date.

The pre-approved tenant advantage passport gives you the landlord or agent and your new tenant a better start to a tenancy and a better working relationship for the future. All you need to do is contact us to verify the passport authentication code, we will then sign you up free of charge to register the rent guarantee and legal expenses policy against your property., it really is as simple as that and it only takes 5 minutes to register and costs you nothing.

If you require further details on the Pre-Approved Tenant Advantage Passport then call us on:

 0800 9994 994

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