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In an ever-increasingly expensive rental market, we are seeing many landlords who wish to reference tenants themselves and carry out better referencing than they are currently getting. Many of these landlords just don’t understand the process and what they need to do or, in fact, want to do it! Letting agents are under pressure to reduce fees and the government (as in Scotland) are looking to abolish tenant fees altogether.

The simplest conclusion to this is for you to be able to carry out the referencing yourself and pass it onto your landlord or letting agent who can then authenticate it as valid and true.

At Tenant Referencing UK we have created the Referencing Passport especially for renters to help their landlord/letting agent overcome all of these problems with one swift package.

About - 'Referencing Passport'.

The Referencing Passport For Tenants is a totally unique tenant referencing concept that allows you to undertake the referencing process yourself at TenantReferencingUK. In a market where all tenants charges are being questioned and where fees are being scrutinised (and possibly even banned), you can simply obtain your referencing at Tenant Referencing UK, we can then authenticate you and provide your landlord with an legitimate, original report. The benefits to a letting agent using this system are that all they need to do is direct you to the website to carry out the referencing procedure. Once the referencing is complete we can send the completed reports to both you and the letting agent.

A Tenant Passport is truly the simplest and most cost effective way for a letting agent to get you referenced for a new tenancy, should the banning of agency fees be introduced in the future. Take a look here at what the passport can offer you: (What is a Tenant Passport). You can also download the tenant passport leaflet here: (Tenant Passport Leaflet).

Need more help on this topic? Please call 0800 9994 994 or email enquiries@tenantreferencinguk.com.

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About - the Tenant ARK Passport (RGI and Legal cover for benefit tenants)

What is the ARK Passport? The Ark Passport is for Housing Providers who wish to offer homes to benefit assisted tenants, who want the added security of rent arrears and legal expenses cover if the tenant fails to meet their tenancy obligations.

o Are you a Housing Provider looking for a brand new solution to help tenants with a problem past or who rely on state benefits to find new homes?

o Are you a housing provider looking for solutions to protect your rent roll? And cover any future legal cost if you need to evict a tenant. Yes? Then the Ark Passport is truly the best solution for you.

The ARK is a totally unique one stop shop consisting of three elements;

1. A Referencing Product for low-income tenants who are in receipt of any type of benefits.

2. A tenant friendly, Managed Account with a national clearing bank.

3. A Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Insurance Policy, that also accepts that your tenants may have CCJ’s.

Once housing providers join TenantReferencingUK.com and activate their account they will have a trained professional account manager available to run through the systems and answer all their questions whilst they are online absolutely free of charge. This service is available from 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Need more help on this topic? Please call 0800 9994 994 or email enquiries@tenantreferencinguk.com.

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Essential move in check list for tenants

Please click on the link button herein to take you to the essential tenant checklist. The checklist is designed to help you move into your new home with the minimum amount of issues possible.

Essential Check List for Tenants….

Report a Maintenance Issue


The Maintenance and repair reporting area is where you can report maintenance repairs to your landlord. NLCE maintenance report system benefits:

☆ Creates a formal paper trail between you and your landlord/letting agent,

☆ Allows you to report any problems,

☆ Allows your landlord to reply and liaise with you, alongside a notification as to what time, date, requirements, etc. 

It is important for both landlords and tenants to understand the need for a formal trail to prove that an issue was raised and that the landlord replied to the request and carried out the works within a suitable time, and to a professional standard. Landlords should be reminded that if a complaint is made by the tenant and the issue is not resolved the landlord will not be able to evict the tenant or issue a section 21 in accordance with the Deregulation Act 2015; no Section 21’s when there are outstanding complaints. This change is designed to address the problem of retaliatory evictions – time will tell whether it is successful. From 1st October 2015, if the following sequence of events occur, the landlord will not be able to serve a Section 21 notice for a further 6 months: Tenant notifies landlord of disrepair Landlord fails to respond within 14 days Tenant.

Report a Maintenance Issue….


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