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Tenant History Reports

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What Is a Tenant History Report here at Tenant Referencing UK.com?

A Tenant History Report is the data that has been gathered directly from our member Landlords and Letting Agents about their tenant and/or an applicant tenant that they may have had apply for a property. The data has been gathered by LandlordReferencing.co.uk who is the provider of this data exclusively for TenantReferencingUK.com

The data at LandlordReferencing.co.uk has been gathered directly from thousands and thousands of Landlords & Letting Agent members over five years and it now has hundreds and thousands of entries about the rental histories of both problem tenants and good tenants.

The Tenant History Report comes in the same format as a Financial Report and is delivered into your archive within seconds.  The more Landlords & Agents that join and reference, the more Tenant Histories are created. At TenantReferencingUk.com you do not just carry out a tenant reference with the details the tenant has provided you with, in fact you become part of that tenant’s reference in the future so when another member searches for a tenant you will immediately show up as a match as a  previous Landlord or letting Agent.  The benefits of this is that you will never have to rely on what a tenant tells you to get a complete and proper reference.

With the new Tenant History Reports, members truly never need to take one another’s bad tenants ever again and when your tenants realise you use the data collated by LandlordReferencing.co.uk from its members to pass information on to other members,  they will soon start to understand that the days of ripping off landlords without recourse are truly over. The only safe place to apply for a property as a problem tenant is with a Landlord or Letting Agent who is not a member of TenantReferencingUk.com.  The message cannot be clearer to tenants  – If a tenant rips off one of us, they rip off all of us, and then will never get a home with any of us.

How does it work and is it easy?

Over the years the one thing that we have learned is to listen to our customers and although we realise we cannot please all of the people all of the time, we do think we can please most of the people all the time. The new dashboards are very simple and all references can be taken within the recognised 3 click criteria, even becoming a member only takes a few minutes and is free.

Once you have joined you will be designated an account manager who will be available to you at all times by email or on the phone, they will activate your account and create your own personal Tenant Reference Management Dashboard. Your Tenant Reference Dashboard is unique to you and this is where you can carry out the entire Tenant Referencing process and where all your previous Tenant Referencing records are archived. At TenantReferencingUK.com you can see all the references you have ever carried out within seconds with a simple click of your mouse.

How easy is it to use? – Very!  When you have a prospective new tenant then you simply go to your Tenant Referencing Dashboard and click                 [Financial Report]  If you do not already have credits you will be asked to buy them to carry out your Financial Report.  Following your purchase of credits your API (Application Programme Interface) link will open directly to our Financial Report providers EQUIFAX.    You can then simply fill out the name, address and DOB and click [ Search ] Your report will be delivered into your archive within 6 seconds. “Really! in just 6 seconds!”  Absolutely – in fact there is no need to wait 24 or 48 hours like you do with other referencing companies.  If your tenant scores over 200+ and you want Rent Guarantee Insurance then the tenant will be eligible immediately.  Getting A Financial Report & Tenant History Report instantly means you can give the prospective tenant an immediate yes or no answer in principle pending employer and landlord references. This speed of reply  saves you as a landlord or as a letting Agent both time and money in lost rent and assuming the tenants employer and previous landlord answers their reference requests without delay, then your new tenant can take up their new tenancy within a day or two.

[Tenant Archive] New Tenants History

The request for a Financial Report on your applicant tenant will automatically upload them into your [Tenant Archive] This will show your applicant tenant’s status as an Applicant, (You can change this later if you take the tenant to “In tenure”  or “Tenant left”  when they leave).  The upload is done automatically and immediately creates the tenant a new Tenant History or adds to their existing one which can then be searched and shown as a match by another member. You may ask “Why Upload applicant tenants?” – Uploading applicant tenants will prevent tenants from making multiple applications to use rented property for criminal activity or perhaps sub-letting to illegal immigrants.  With 100’s of new tenant references weekly we are now creating 100’s of new Tenant Histories.  The end result is that our Tenant Histories will give us better tenants, and like our existing credit files where a better credit score gives us better loans. Better Tenant Histories will get the better tenants, better homes. This will leave the problem tenants with what they deserve, ” The Rogue landlords!”. The network interaction of the Tenant History Data will keep our properties, investments and incomes all safer in the future.

The Tenant History system works in the same way as your financial credit file whereby if you make lots of loan applications, lenders are made aware in order to prevent fraud. Tenant Histories do not score tenants in the same way as the Financial Reports but they do show all applications by the tenant therefore, if you see many applications by a tenant on many properties within a short period of time or the tenant having many tenancies running at the same time, it will raise the alarm bells for you before you take the tenant.

[Tenant History Report]

With our Tenant Financial Report now in your archive and your applicant tenant uploaded, the unique Tenant History Report will now be created by Landlord Referencing.co.uk and will immediately be delivered into your [Tenant History Archive]

So! you simply enter the minimum data needed and the whole Tenant Reference, including Financial Reports, Tenant Upload and, (unique to TenantReferencingUK.com) your Tenant History Report is generated for you, in just 6 seconds, and only costs you £7 for a basic or £12 for a detailed report and that even includes VAT!!!

What else can we do at TenantReferencingUK.com?

TenantReferencingUK.com is the most pro-active Tenant referencing company in the UK. We are aware of all the changes in legislation and we know there will be more to come.  We also know we need to be ahead of the game!!  So, here at TenantReferencingUK.com we have created everything Landlords & Letting Agents need to use to keep ahead of the game and most importantly for the Letting Agent and the legal requirement to be in a redress scheme. Letting agents will have to prove they have referenced properly and not just given it to a third party to do it for them.  At Tenant Referencing.com  members are able to see all the references within their archive to show their client landlord or other authoritative body upon demand. 

Our NPD (New Product Development) is market leading and allows all Landlords & Letting Agents to make sure that they, and their staff are ahead with their CPD (continual professional development) and we are informed that the PRS (Private Rented Sector) is due to double in the next decade, and where politicians and the public are scrutinising our every move together, we need to be at our best and at TenantReferencingUK.com we offer professional Landlords & Letting Agents every tool needed in the future to do a better job to get better tenants.

In simple terms “at TenantReferencingUK.com we offer you much more for a lot less”.

Your personal dashboard will allow you to;

  • Check the Rent Vs Wages on your Rent Calculator. (free) (Click to view)

  • Send out Tenant, Guarantor Application Forms via email. (Free)

  • Financial, Electoral Roll, Accounts, CCJ’s. £7 basic, £12 Up to 9 linked addresses. (Delivered in 6 seconds into your archive) (Click to view example of Financial History Report)

  • Tenant History Archive (free) (Click to view example of Tenant History Report)

  • Tenant History Report (free and delivered immediately into your archive)

  • Email application previous Landlord or Letting Agent (free)

  • Email application Employer or Accountant (free)

  • Email request for Documentation, Immigration, Work Permits and Bank Accounts (free)

  • Immigration Document Verification. (Click to find out more) (£10 and verified into your archive within 4 minutes)

  • Get up to the minute Tenant Alerts from other members via email (free) (Click to view in forum)

  • Get Tenant Documents (free)

Your Financial and history references and immigration checks are all archived for you and when your tenant has passed all the referencing you can:

You can even earn extra income by becoming an introducer of Tenant ReferenceUK.com and help us grow the network.

See the specimen Tenant Management Dashboard (Click to view)

Community Forum & Property Discussions.

  • Need to know something about tenants or the property market? Come to the forums where over 700+ visitors at any one time 24/7 are looking at 4.5 million pages of property content Q&A’s and where you can join in and ask questions and get answers on all property matters. You can even post your own property stories.

If you have not already done so then please Join Tenant Referencing Uk.com powered by Landlord Referencing.co.uk and together we will change the PRS forever. Help us make history by creating Tenant histories because the more people who network and join, then the bigger our voice and the safer we will all be in 2015.


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TenantReferencingUK.com is a trading name for an accrual of referencing products created for the purpose of tenant referencing by landlordreferencing.co.uk Ltd

Tenant History Reports & Lifestyle Referencing were created by Paul Routledge for landlordreferencing.co.uk and originated from landlordsdata.com in 1999.

Creator of Tenant History Reports at Tenant histories.co.uk

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