Q & A. Terms & Conditions

Q & A. Terms & Conditions


Q & A. Terms & Conditions

Q:  What Rent can I/we afford?

A: There is an industry standard for referencing which is 30x the rent V’s income, The first thing you must do is calculate your affordability. You can do this by entering your sole or joint incomes into the calculator to work out if you can afford the property you are Appling for or to see what rent you will be accepted for on your current incomes. Note: if you are using a joint income to cover the rent both parties will need to pass referencing, if only one party passes then they will need to be able to prove that they can support the entire rent themselves.

Passports are issued to your affordability either as your own income or with a joint income, you must not take on a property that you alone and/or your partner cannot show affordability on. The insurers will not pay out part payment of the percentage of the rent if you cannot show affordability for the entire rent payable.


Q; Can I only use my Advantage Passport for the property I am applying for.

A: No, the passport is valid for up to 60 days from the day it is issued. The insurance must be registered within this period as that is the acceptable period for the validity of the references. IF the passport term needs to be accepted then referencing will need to be carried out on the passport nominee’s.


Q: Is the policy transferable or redeemable.

A: No the policy is not transferable and cannot be cashed in for a refund.


Q: Does the Passport get registered on my credit file.

A: No. because the two issues are not comparable, however when you create a Tenant Passport you create a record and a tenant history file to run alongside your financial history and that, like you credit history, will benefit you in the future when applying for a home.


Q: What paperwork do I get to prove that I have passed the referencing.

A: you receive a booklet document brochure passport, within the passport is your authentication code that you give your landlord and he can also see all you references to prove you have passed referencing and affordability. Once your landlord enters the activation code we will verify your passport status.


Q: Am I (the tenant) the insured party.

A: No. This insurance gives a landlord (The beneficiary) the benefits of £50,000 rent guarantee & legal expenses cover should you fall into unforeseen problems in the future. You must be aware you, the tenant are not the insured party, it is not to help or protect you in the event of unforeseen problems, the assigned policy it is to protect the landlord. The benefit to you is that because your landlord can get this insurance based on your references they will be more receptive to offering you the property first and thus getting you a better home with better choice which you may otherwise not get.

You must understand that failure to pay the rent resulting in a claim by a landlord will result in the insurance underwriters perusing you for the owed amounts and any and all costs.  The pursuance of a claim will be made through the courts and will result in an adverse credit history, an adverse rental history in the future. This may stop you getting a good home in the future. 


Q: If I do not get the property I am going for then can I get a refund.

A: No, Your Advantage Passport is an up to date and valid status of your current ability to show good references and affordability to any UK landlord or letting agent. Tenant Referencing UK is the UK’s leading referencing company and your passport should be accepted by all UK landlords & letting agents. However, we are aware that some letting agent and few landlords do try and do their own referencing in order to be able to add additional charges for this service. If this is the case, you should ask a landlord or letting agent if they will accept your Tenant Referencing UK Pre-Approved Advantage Tenant Passport before viewing.


Q: How do I get my Passport Activated.

A: Your Passport Comes to you via post. You will receive a booklet with the referencing, and activation codes for your insurance. You simply give the activation code and a copy to your referencing to the landlord who can then join us and activate your account. The landlord will need to join us to get the insurance put into their archive but the process is very simple and cost the landlord or letting agent nothing.

Please Note:
– Landlords and Letting Agents may charge additional costs at their own discretion.
– RGI Policy will need to be renewed by the landlord each year for an additional cost of £100 per year.
– Some Letting Agents and Landlords may not accept the pre-approved advantage tenant passport.
– Although Passport may increase your appeal to landlords –  it does not guarantee you will be chosen as a tenant.



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