Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

big banner for missionAt Landlord Referencing we pride ourselves on supporting good Landlords, Letting Agents and Tenants.  Our aim is simple:

To build harmonious communities

The private rented sector is only part of any community; neighbours might be home owners, tenants of local authorities, Housing Associations or charities. When people, whatever their tenure, respect others who live in their community we all enjoy our homes and our lives.  

Bad neighbours are very bad news for all of us.

When a neighbourhood becomes known for anti social behaviour it is a downward spiral, eventually only those who enjoy conflict or have no other choice will want to live there. This affects the value of the property which is bad for all of us but it also costs us all through the additional burden on our local and national services. Police (in all departments from crime prevention and control to anti-terrorist units and drug control), Social Services, Fire Services, Anti Social Behaviour Units, Environmental Health Officers, Child

Protection Officers, Health services….. We really cannot afford for this to go on.

The answer?

“Landlords are the Gate Keepers of our Communities and if badly behaved people and criminals are not allowed to put down roots in our communities they cannot thrive”

Paul Routledge – founder & CEO of LRS

When Paul said that he did not mean only private landlords, what would be the point in private landlords taking the trouble to ensure that their tenants were fully referenced when other landlords do not?  It is only when local authorities, Housing Associations and Charities join private landlords and letting agents and work together with us that a clear message will go out to all tenants.

The fact is that if we continue to pass bad tenants from one tenure to another it will never end and communities will continue to suffer from the behaviour of the minority who have no respect for others.

The answer is simple; only when everyone, who offer homes to people in the UK, becomes an active member of LRS will our communities be protected and people will begin to behave or face the consequences.

Is Landlord Referencing a tenant “black list”?  


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