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Sep 14th, 2016


The NLCE is a forward thinking group of pro-active landlords & agents. Offering a national solution to best practice letting guidelines, property maintenance tracking, accreditation and training.
Read on…… What is the NLCE

From our team of specialists we offer introductory and established letting and rental guidelines, what you need to know about your legal obligations and how to build strong tenant/landlord relationships to improve stability, community, understanding and long term rentals.

Our experience has shown over the years that most problems arise in a tenancy because of property repairs and maintenance issues.

This is why to overcome this problem the NLCE has created a national tenant repair reporting system. The streamlined repair reporting system allows tenants to make a formal written notification to a landlord about property repairs.
This service is free to all UK tenants and formalises the reporting of repairs.

         Benefits to all UK landlords, agents and tenants:

  • VERY easy to use
  • Enables tenants to prove they have formally complained about a property problem
  • Allows landlords/agents to respond to the notice, to prove pro-activeness in getting rented property repairs sorted as soon as possible
  • Stops spurious claims from a tenant; that they have reported a repair and the landlord has not responded and vice versa
  • Offers tenants formal notification in writing and date stamped of complaint made
  • Improves Landlord/Tenant relationships; e.g.
    Landlords can issue their tenants with a plastic ‘Bank card’ style NLCE Tenancy Emergency Card, which can be acquired from the NLCE  (See the Tenancy Card Here), which contains the landlords name and contact details. The tenant can then, at any point (or times specified), use the details on the card to report problems to their landlord. This also helps landlords to comply with their statutory need to provide their tenant(s) with contact details in the event of an emergency.

UK Landlord / Tenant Legislation

Landlords must note that in law for new tenancies which start in (or after) October 2015;

The Deregulation Act insists that:

Agents and tenants put repair requests and resulting actions in writing. Requests in other languages; The Act focuses on written repair requests but does not require them to be in English. The repair reporting system is compliant with the law in providing a translation service and allows tenants to report a problem to their landlord in over 100 languages.


Property Management

In today’s culture of “where there is blame there is a claim” it is imperative that landlords document and itemise everything that is required of them. For instance, if a landlord does not register a deposit properly they can end up paying 3 times the deposit to a tenant in compensation, or failure to register an annual gas certificate can land a PRS buy-to-let property investor in jail.

At the NLCE we offer those who wish to adopt the code of excellence and become accredited the opportunity to have a free management dashboard, where landlords can upload their relevant documents, add the dates of renewals and then our system will send an email within two weeks of renewal (to remind the landlord that they need to renew their documents).

You can get this free service by calling 0800 9994 994 and we will register you free and get you started.

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