My Tenant Reference T&C’s

My Tenant Reference T&C’s

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Important Note before you start your passport:

Please ensure that the person that you are intending to give your passport to will accept it. Some landlords and/or letting agents that rely on tenant fees may not accept the tenant referencing UK passport in order to give you a property and therefore it is the person who is being referenced to make sure any landlord and/or letting agent accepts the passport as bonafide to get a future property. Tenant Referencing UK will not offer a refund nor be held responsible if  tenant passes referencing but that reference is not accepted by an individual landlords and/or letting agent.

The process of referencing is undertaken in strict confidence by individual data processors.  On application, tenants and guarantors will be forwarded an electronic application form to include all the detail required to check and process a tenant reference.

The tenant and guarantor will undergo a financial feasibility from Equifax, a full tenant history based on previous tenure, an affordability assessment based on income, employer’s declaration and bank statements.

Data processors will also seek previous landlords and the ability for a tenant to be able to undergo right to rent checks in the UK.

Once the reference is started and the application form is returned, no refunds can be given by and upon receipt by by the tenant will be deemed to mean that the referencing process has started.

On completion of your reference we will send your final report to you. In the event of multiple tenant /guarantor applications, the lead tenant will receive all of the reports on all of the tenants and guarantors. The referencing file will also be forwarded onto any nominated third party by you.

You report will include all the details on you and the other applicant on the application. You will be asked for the password you provided on application in order to be able to open the PDF file containing your referencing reports.

Upon taking a property your third party nominate landlord/letting agent may request for all of the copy documents supplied by you and others to be assigned to their tenant referencing account file for future records.

The data and Passport is valid for 30 days inclusive from the date of issue and is not guaranteed by against any changes of circumstance within that period.

Changes in circumstances will be deemed that the Passport is invalid and no refund by will be given, however, the tenant and guarantor named within the Passport can reapply for a new Passport incurring a new Passport fee.

The tenant and guarantor must agree that all personal information given shall be shared with third parties for the purpose of carrying out a full and competent reference in order to obtain the Passport. will not under any circumstance sell or impart any of the information to third parties who are not directly related to the individual referencing being undertaken by that party solely for the purpose of this Passport.

Information provided within the application forms for tenants and guarantors may be shared within the group companies of for the purpose of offering supportive services connected with the contract of tenure.

All parties agreeing to take a tenure, agree to these provisions upon the clicking of “agreeing terms and conditions” and the submission of the application forms.

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