worldBecoming a Network introducer for LRS is a great way to help the network grow to make us all safer, it is a simple philosophy the more people you introduce and register the safer we become and the more of your clients that join LRS the more money you can earn.

The benefits are obvious because not only are you part of the fabric of the fastest growing network for Landlords & Letting Agents in the country but as a networker you can get the benefit of commissions from new members you introduce.

When you become a Networking introducer you simply upload your landlords by name and email, and the minute you push ”SUBMIT”  LRS will send an introduction email asking  your friend/client to join LRS . If and when they join they are assigned to your registration account automatically and you then get paid commission on their rent guarantee policies purchased and renewals.

Q:  Who can become an introducer?

A:  Anyone who has a circle of landlords that they can introduce like Letting Agents, Landlord Associations, Property Investor Networkers, Inventory Clerks, Mortgage Brokers in fact anyone who has a circle of landlord they can introduce.

Q:  If I introduce a landlord can they be duplicated by another introducer.

A: No!, once a landlord has been registered on the system by a introducer they are registered with that introducer and even if they join several months after the introduction the original introducer will get the commissions on the purchases that they make. The only way that they can be taken off of the system is if the introduced landlord unsubscribes from LRS or registers with a different email address.

Q:  What are the commission’s payable?

A: Commissions are payable on the introduced landlord purchasing rent guarantee insurance policies. The introducer will receive a commission for each policy sold and this will be payable on renewals year on year.It is important to note that your clients do not pay more for the policies we just share the network earning to help it grow.

Q: How does it work?

A: It is very simple all you do is fill in the apply to become a LRS introducer in the box below.  Once you have been activated as an introducer you will start to see your listed landlords appear in your dashboard which will show all of your introduced landlords. This registration list will constantly monitor the new members and what activity they have done when taking out RGI policies. Simply, every time your introduced landlord takes out a policy or renews a policy you will receive a fixed commission paid into your account.

Q: How do I get my commissions?

A:  Your commissions are paid directly into your LRS account when a policy is taken out, you can withdraw your funds by requesting a withdrawal once in any monthly period.

Q: Will my list of landlords and be visible to anyone else?

A: Only you and the ICO regulated data control Administration Team at LRS can see your account and your list of landlords.

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