LRS / Equifax Financial History Basic Report Example

LRS / Equifax Financial History Basic Report Example


A Basic Equifax Report includes:

•  A credit report at the address the tenant currently lives at OR previously lived at, including;

•  A credit score telling you if your applicant tenant is a high or low risk.

•  Any aliases your applicant tenant has been known by.

•  Associates who are registered at your applicant tenants declared address.

•  It will disclose if your applicant tenant has any CCJs at their declared address.

• We give you back a £3 bonus for each report in the form of 3 Lifestyle Credits. This will be added to your Lifestyle Referencing account automatically once you have successfully taken out the Equifax report. These can be used towards your unique Lifestyle Reference and if you upload your applicant tenant you will receive an additional £2 / 2 Lifestyle Credits. You will then have 5 Lifestyle Credits (£5) to carry out a Lifestyle Reference absolutely free!



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