Lifestyle Referencing FAQ

Lifestyle Referencing FAQ

moral_compass[expand title=”How much does a Lifestyle Reference cost?“]

5 minutes of your time / 5 credits (£5).

@ LRS we pay you for interacting with the rest of the LRS community.

If you activate your account by purchasing a basic report (£7) or detailed report(£12) you will earn £3 (3 Lifestyle Credits) – so all a lifestyle reference will cost you is 5 minutes of your time to upload the tenant you have taken the credit report out on. This is because once you have uploaded this tenant you will earn a further £2 (2 Lifestyle Credits) which then equals 5 Lifestyle Credits ; 1 Lifestyle Reference.


[expand title=”Can I activate my LRS account for free?“]


Simply CLICK HERE (when logged into the website), upload 5 tenants (previous, existing and/or applicant) and then email us with the 5 tenants names you have uploaded and a data controller will activate your account ASAP and provide you with £10 worth of Lifestyle Credits to start off with.


[expand title=”What is a Lifestyle Reference?“]

When you search the Lifestyle Referencing Database you are gaining access to a 4 year old database of UK PRS tenants previous and existing late rent payments, property damages, anti-social behaviour & of course good tenant behaviour – covering the last 5 years of tenure – uploaded direct from their previous and existing landlords and letting agents.

Safely stored on an inaccessible database, the Lifestyle Referencing database simply puts a landlord in touch with another landlord if they have a positive match to a tenant within the database – in order to get a fair and honest reference.

Using Real Time Referencing “Lifestyle” data is updated and added to on a daily basis (managed manually by data controllers) to create an up-to-the minute clear and true history of a tenants/guarantors previous tenure and lifestyle.


[expand title=”Why do I have to pay?“]

The 5 credits that it costs for each Lifestyle Search can be fully reimbursed via uploading tenants (2 credits for each tenant uploaded) – so if you support the LRS community you need never have to pay for a lifestyle reference search.

Landlord Referencing Services’ primary function is to provide a networking portal that protects landlords and agents from taking on one another’s bad tenants, and in turn this ensures that their existing tenants have decent neighbours.

Therefore our main goal is not to be a faceless corporate referencing company, but more a community that protect one another from rogue tenants and disruptive neighbours.

The whole point of the “credits system” is to encourage our landlord and letting agent members to upload their good and bad tenants (previous, existing and applicant), which protects us all.

Don’t forget that you can activate your account FOR FREE by uploading 5 tenants through THIS FORM (<<make sure you are logged in and then click here to go)


[expand title=”What’s the difference between you and other referencing companies?”]

[expand title=”What is Real Time Referencing?”]

Real Time Referencing is up-to-the-minute LIVE referencing, carried out by landlords and letting agents. Credit Report data is updated every 3-6 months, whereas Lifestyle Referencing data is uploaded and updated on a daily basis.

It is a concept that is the only one of its kind in the UK and has been created & developed exclusively by Landlord Referencing Services LLP.


[expand title=”Is it a black list?“]

It is a total misconception that social media networking via Lifestyle Referencing between landlords and letting agents is a black list; it is not. It is simply a neighbourhood watch for private renting professionals. “A grapevine for landlords.” – BBC Points West 14/12/2012.


[expand title=”What date do I put for -date tenant left- when they are still in occupation?”]

There is now a “Tenancy Status” drop down menu, so you can choose one of the following:

  • Applicant
  • Resident
  • Or Date Left (dd/mm/yyyy)


[expand title=”HOW and WHY was the LRS website started?”]

Landlord stabbed 5 times in the head and left for dead takes action.
Click here to read on.


[expand title=”How many landlords, agents and tenants use the site?“]

With 21,000+ landlord and letting agent members registered, uploading and updating thousands of tenant files on a weekly basis, but with nearly 1.5million landlords in the UK, LRS still needs landlords, agents and tenants to keep spreading the word about the “LRS one-stop-website” that can protect private rented property and preserve the safety and well being of all our neighbourhoods and communities.

Landlord Referencing Services official statistics for February 2014 revealed 7million+ hits to the website.

LRS website readership is also holding steady, with 43,854 unique visitors recorded @ last month alone! Click here for more LRS stats.


[expand title=”What information do I need to include?”]

The applicant or guarantors:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • National Insurance Number (AB123456C)


[expand title=”What information is included if it is a positive match?”]

  • The tenants name.
  • A previous/current rent default and/or property damage amount.
  • The landlord or letting agents contact details. (Name/Email Address/Telephone number)


[expand title=”Why do I have to enter a national insurance number?”]

It is important to understand that Landlord Referencing Services is not a blacklist or a tracing agent, and now that we have the ability to carry out “real-time” searches via the LRS Credits system we need ensure that our members are recalling the correct data. Therefore a national insurance number allows us to do this as it is specific to only one individual.


[expand title=”Do I have to pay for a NO MATCH?“]

Whether you have a POSITIVE MATCH to the LRS database or NO MATCH to the LRS database this will cost you 5 credits for each Lifestyle Search.

Ask yourself this question: how much is a bad tenant worth to you?    

A NO MATCH at Landlord Referencing is just as important as a MATCH. This is because, with approximately 80% of the LRS database being defaulting and/or problematic tenants, it is a real result if you receive a NO MATCH because this tells you that they have no adverse “lifestyle” data on file at LRS.


[expand title=”What if I have a tenant I want to upload but don’t know their national insurance number/date of birth?”]

If you do not take a national insurance number or date of birth how do you determine that the applicant sitting in front of you is indeed who they say they are?

We actively encourage all LRS landlords and letting agents to upload tenants with their national insurance number and date of birth because it provides an instant MATCH or NO MATCH report on screen via the new LRS system.

If you do not have these details but wish to keep a live record on your LRS file you CAN upload them (NIN e.g. AB000000C – DOB e.g. 01/01/1901) but this will not provide an instant MATCH or NO MATCH on screen to landlords who are using real time referencing via LRS. However a potential match WILL be flagged up on the secondary manual search that LRS Data Controllers do, but this is not an instant process.

So in short yes you can upload tenants without their National Insurance Number/Date of birth using the method above, however we do not encourage this method.

The days when we used to let any old “John Smith” into our properties has changed, and for the purposes of new Immigration laws coming in, etc, Landlords and Agents need to correctly identify who is sitting in front of them. Therefore the most reliable way they can do this is to request a national insurance number; as it is the best way of making sure that the applicant tenant has the right to reside in this country.


[expand title=”Can I view some sample reports before I carry one out?”]

The Lifestyle Reference does not come in report form. In the Carry out Reference section of the Lifestyle Referencing portal if the details that you enter into the search are a match to a tenant within the LRS database the details of the landlord or letting agent who uploaded the tenant will be revealed on screen.

PLEASE MAKE SURE that you print this page and/or make a note of the contact details before navigating away from this page because you won’t be able to review it again. You can however contact LRS Data Control and they will be able to provide the contact details of the landlord or letting agent – in order to get a fair and honest reference.


[expand title=”Ive quit being a landlord because of bad tenants – I don’t want them to go anywhere else so can I upload them, even though I’m not a landlord anymore?”]



[expand title=”Apart from uploading my tenants how else can I earn credits?”]

Apart from uploading your previous, existing and applicant tenants (£2/2 Lifestyle credits for each one successfully uploaded) you can also:


[expand title=”Once I have joined, activated my account, taken out a Lifestyle and Financial Report what do I do next…?”]


The detailed report is acceptable for all Rent Guarantee Insurance products as long as no adverse credit is shown to exist. In order to carry out your full referencing package we recommend that after you have received your Detailed Financial History Report and taken out your Lifestyle Reference Report from LRS you should then:

Once you have received:

•  A satisfactory credit report with no adverse credit

•  A confirmation of identity and a credit score which is above 200+

•  A lifestyle reference showing no previous rent default or property damage registered on the LRS database by a previous landlord/agent

•  A bank statement confirmation of fluid cash flow

• A previous landlord’s reference (The landlord who is provided by the applicant tenant)

• An employers reference

you will then be in a position to evaluate your tenant for a new tenancy and will truly have the best tenant reference in the UK today.

[expand title=”I got a match to a potentially bad tenant but then it disappeared, how can I get in contact with the landlord?”]

If you have accidentally navigated away from the ‘match page’ you can contact LRS Data Control and they will be able to provide the contact details of the landlord or letting agent – in order to get a fair and honest reference.

In the Carry out Reference section of the Lifestyle Referencing portal if the details that you enter into the search are a match to a tenant within the LRS database the details of the landlord or letting agent who uploaded the tenant will be revealed on screen – if nothing is revealed there will be a manual search but this will not be instant and you will only be contacted if it is a positive/potential match.


[expand title=”I still don’t understand what Lifestyle Referencing is – can you explain it to me?“]

Yes, please get in contact with your personal data controller – options at the bottom of this page.


[expand title=”Can I ask the opinion(s) of other landlords and/or letting agents to make a decision on this tenant/guarantor?”]

YES! CLICK HERE to visit our Community Forums – open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Never post the sensitive details of an individual within the LRS forums. We advise refraining from using an individuals name unless the story can be backed up with factual proof, if needed.


[expand title=”How do you comply with the Information Commissioners Office and Data Protection?“]

REGISTRATION NUMBER: Z266090X does not store data on a scoring system, there is no information such as county court judgements or credit scoring. simply gives you a tenants last landlord, even when a tenant does not want you to have them. also provides a default amount if a tenant has left without paying rent and an assessed property damage value if a tenant has left their landlord with damage to the property. Most importantly it gives you all the contact details of the tenant’s landlords that are members of LRS, for you to contact to get a first hand reference if you wish.

Can I upload old tenants?

Yes. You can upload old tenants if they have provided you personal details (verbally or otherwise), for the purpose of a reference at the application stage of a tenancy. These details are therefore relevant to referencing for a contract of tenure. However, to make it absolutely clear to the tenant and for the avoidance of future doubt, we recommend that for new tenants you amend your tenancy agreements to include written authority with regard Data Protection requirements.

You can upload old tenants if you do not have these written tenancy agreements in place as it is acceptable by the ICO data protection that your existing data can be used if: The Processing is in accordance with the “Legitimate interests” condition. So long as a tenant has provided details for a reference and has moved into your property (entered tenure with you), you are able to upload them to the LRS database for referencing.

Click here for more info.


[expand title=”How do I credit my Lifestyle Referencing Account?”]


[expand title=”How do I carry out a Lifestyle Referencing Search?“]


[expand title=”How do I add a good/bad/applicant tenant to the LRS database?“] 


If you would like more assistance in understanding your Lifestyle Referencing Report please do not hesitate to contact us;

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