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At although we don’t want to take one another’s bad tenants, we believe that good tenants are like gold and must be protected with good homes. We also believe that all tenants deserve good neighbours and that is why we offer some great tenant services to help us all achieve this goal. Above are some of the services that tenants can enjoy at

A neighbourhood can be spoiled by bad tenants and the family’s from hell; it is a well-known fact that over 80+% of re-offending criminals in this country live in rental property. Which means if Landlords, Tenants and Letting Agents all work together through they can become the gate keepers to our communities and stop good tenants getting hellish neighbours. If we stop the criminals, anti-social and drug dealers putting down roots in rented properties together we stop them flourishing in our communities “fact” and that helps everyone; not just landlords but good tenants and their families who want a good and decent life. It also acts as a deterrent to tenants who know that the LRS system is already in place and provides an excellent safety net to a landlords existing tenants from anti-social and disruptive neighbours. This fulfils the (unspoken) duty of care of the basic necessity of achieving a comfortable and quiet life that all good tenants deserve, as well as pay for.

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