Housing Minister ‘hands power back to tenants’ | Live Discussions

January 31, 2014 Kenn

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Housing Minister ‘hands power back to tenants’
11:45 am
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The housing minister has launched a tenant training and support programme this week, in an attempt to train tenants to hold their landlord to account.


Mark Prisk’s new training program aims to train 5,000 tenants to engage with their landlord on a range of different issues and share experiences of setting up tenant groups, delivered by the Tenant Participation Advisory Service.

Mr Prisk said:Communities across the country want to use the powers they have to ensure their needs are reflected in the services they receive. But many simply lack the confidence to challenge the people in charge.

‘That is why we’ve put this new tenant training scheme in place, helping make their voices heard and giving people the skills they need to ensure the changes that matter to them are made.’

Tenant groups will also be able to sign up to community cash back, which enables tenants to take over the management of their neighbourhood – from overseeing maintenance and minor repairs to signing up new contractors to run cleaning services.

At landlordreferencing.co.uk we would like to know the following:

  • Does this cover private tenants, as well as Council Tenants and Housing Association Tenants?
  • What exactly is the £1.2m going to ‘train’ these tenants to do?
  • Isn’t this what TPAS was originally set up do do anyway?

Private landlords, letting agents, social landlords, housing associations AND tenants please share your views on this subject!

12:27 pm
Bristol to Weston-super-Mare
Forum Posts: 1600
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£1.2 MILLION? FrownI thought we were in a recession and needed to cut back on expenditure. How many operations would that have funded? If they have £1.2 million to spare I can think of better ways of using it.

Is 2013 "Bash the landlord/agent year"? NetRent have made an excellent submission to the Government Inquiry into the Private Rented Sector: http://www.netrent.co.uk/netre…..3/blog.asp Give it six months and there will be an enquiry into why landlords do not take HB claimants. There are already reports in today's papers that single under-35s are having problems finding accommodation. Wonder why that is? Wink


2:29 pm

TPAS was set up in 1988 to promote tenant involvement. Originally grant-funded, we currently provide training commercially.

Contract will allow us to provide free training to tenants – especially those whose landlords don’t provide support. @tpasmichelle

We agree there should be help for private tenants too.@tpasmichelle would be happy to discuss ideas.

2:37 pm

There's a range of outcomes we have to meet.Training will start in April.Sign up for info updates here http://www.tpas.org.uk/tenantcentral 

2:53 pm

and we hope that tenants will be at the centre of training, so identifying skills they want / need too.

2:55 pm

definitely, tenant to tenant is a core element to #tenancentral

2:58 pm

What exactly is the £1.2m going to ‘train’ these tenants to do?


contact scalp hungry young lawyers that are good at juggling and winning ££££££s in compensations?

8:39 pm
Forum Posts: 2506
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Any chance that this training will instruct tenants that they have to pay their rent!!


And if they don't they should leave the property having advised  the LL a month before that they would not be paying rent.

That's the sort of training we want tenants to have.

Chances of this 


1:51 am
Forum Posts: 7
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Not sure what I find more worrying:
That the minister was supposed to replace grant schapps to improve the situation,
that we pay civil servants large salaries to advise him towards better policies.

Tenants are capable of inflicting sufficient damage unaided. Imagine getting them into groups and training them!
It will be like foxhunting has been given a new lease of life.

10:20 am

Is 2013 "Bash the landlord/agent year"?

- that was 2012 for agents/LLs in Scotland what with the crackdown on tenancy charges and the intro of the Scottish TDS…

10:21 am

WILL this cover private tenants, as well as Council Tenants and Housing Association Tenants?

Seems like it wouldn't – unlikely private tenants will be given right to oversee repairs/management of landlords' properties!

10:24 am

Give it six months and there will be an enquiry into why landlords do not take HB claimants

*That's the sort of training we want tenants to have* Castles in Spain+Pies in the Sky-- I guess Ima Gud Tenant-like u ican Dream

4:48 am

Oh DearCry . I seem to have brought this lively discussion to an end.

I suppose we shall just have to wait and see what this phantom idea produces.

Meanwhile I shall cling to drowning hopes of it being a move in the right direction.

10:31 am

training program aims to train 5,000 tenants to engage with their #landlord

Waste of time and money until Landlords communicate properly with tenants—like answer emails concerning crime onther premises

10:50 am

No faith in it at all. If Landlords communicated properly with their tenants—then maybe training programs would do some good.

1:47 pm
Matthew Peake

lol i thought the housing act housing department citizen advice were there for helping tenants.. What a waste of public money


via facebook.

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