Why wasn’t a conviction of assault flagged up in my Equifax financial report?

Why wasn’t a conviction of assault flagged up in my Equifax financial report?

Dear Samii

I have a tenant who stated that he had no CCJ’s or other convictions. I now discover, by accident, that he had a recent conviction for assault. Could you please advise why this was not flagged up in your reference report?

Samii says

I completely understand your worry, but it’s important to understand that there is a big a difference between a CCJ (County Court Judgement) and a Magistrates Conviction. Equifax holds financial data on tenants sourced mainly from banks, so you will only ever be able to obtain:

– A Risk Score
– Supplied address data
– Alias data – up to 9 linked addresses
– Associate data – up to 9 linked addresses
– Electoral Roll data – up to 9 linked addresses
– Financial Account data – up to 9 linked addresses
– Court Judgements data – up to 9 linked addresses
(detailed report)

This data is here to help you understand your applicants financial history, not reveal their criminal record. This is where our unique Tenant Histories come into play, as if they have been registered on our database then you will be put in touch with their previous landlord(s) who would then be able to disclose this information to you. If nothing has been registered via Tenant Histories, then I urge you to update their file; so that other landlords are not deceived in the way that you unfortunately have been.

At Tenant Referencing UK we do not offer Disclosure and Barring Checks (DBS; formerly known as CRB checks) and can take around 4-6 weeks to return.

You can find further information on DBS checks here: http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Making-a-subject-access-request/1400005855548/1400005855548

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