Why Landlords Don’t Allow Pets

Why Landlords Don’t Allow Pets

The bond between human and pet can often become unbreakable, with some pet owners willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their beloved furry friend.

However, whilst 90% of landlords appreciate that pets are family members, there are many reasons for not allowing them into a rental property. This doesn’t mean that the landlord necessarily dislikes animals – many landlords enjoy the company of pets, but when you have a number of factors to consider, unfortunately the introduction of a dog or cat just isn’t going to work.

From our experience in and around London, we have found that landlords typically do not accent pets in their properties for the following reasons:

  1. Untidy and Destructive
  2. Poor Hygiene
  3. Disruptive
  4. Additional Costs

Untidy and Destructive Pets

Please do not assume that we think every pet is an untidy, destructive home wrecker. That simply is not the case. However, some tenants and pet owner’s ability to safely look after an animal gets drawn into question.

Dogs and cats especially are incredibly independent animals but require a lot of effort from the owner. If the owner of the pet or tenant in this case doesn’t maintain the animals hygiene they can become extremely messy and start to become frustrated – which in turn leads to damaged furniture and surroundings.

Poor Hygiene

Again, we do not assume that all pets are untidy and poorly looked after. But there is a small minority of pet owners that are simply too lazy to look after their animals properly. Traditional domestic animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits need to be cleaned occasionally (even if they do not like it).

If you fail in maintaining your pet’s hygiene then it could lead to serious health implications for the tenant, pets and any future tenants. Dogs especially are prone to fleas and ticks when left dirty for long periods of time.


One of a landlords main priorities is to maintain a positive relationship with any surrounding homeowners and neighbours of their rental property. Not only does this relationship make letting a property easier, but it builds a positive working relationship for years to come.

Many landlords prefer tenants not to have pets because of the disruption they could cause. Dogs barking at unsociable hours is a massive inconvenience. Not only will it result in complaints for the landlord but it could prevent any neighbours from providing beneficial references for future tenants.

Additional Costs

Naturally over time, the presence of dogs or cats will result in the cleaning of furniture. If a landlord has provided furniture, they will certainly prefer any tenant to be a sole occupant without pets.

After a long term let has come to an end, any carpets and additional pieces of furniture may be untidy, smell and in need of a professional clean. This can range anywhere from £100 to £300 depending on the location. Of course, to landlords this is an additional cost that they would prefer not to have.


The majority of landlords are not unreasonable – just look at the facts.

Landlords prefer tenants not to have pets as they can be untidy and destructive. Letting your property to a tenant with pets can lead to any property or furniture that you have provided becoming damaged.

Some animals can be untidy and as a result lead to poor hygiene. It is the responsibility of the tenant/pet owner to ensure they remain tick/flea clear. Landlords cannot control the hygiene of animals in their property and can be another reason why they would prefer a tenant without pets.

Dogs especially can become disruptive if they feel uneasy/threatened. Landlords try to create a strong relationship with neighbours to build a good understanding and gain good references for future tenants. However, barking dogs at 02:00am is a risk that they would rather not take.

Author Bio: This article was written by Ed Davis, Co-Owner and contributor to Davis and Mac, a traditional Man and Van in London.

Author: davisandmac

Ed Davis, Co-Owner and contributor for Davis and Mac, a traditional Man and Van in London - www.davisandmac.co.uk

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