Why is online advertising growing at 100% a year?

Why is online advertising growing at 100% a year?

China’s most popular search engine,  revealed last week that it’s quarterly profits of 2011 rose by 77% !

Baidu Inc have said they’ve made a profit of 2 billion Yuan ($318m; £200m) between October to December 2011; up from 1.2bn Yuan a year earlier.
For the whole year their profits surged 88% to 6.6 billion Yuan, with the firms advertising revenue growing by 83%.

According to internetworldstats.com the top 5 countries with the worlds biggest internet market are:

  1. China – 500 million internet users
  2. United States – 250 million internet users
  3. India – 100 million internet users
  4. Japan – 100million internet users
  5. Brazil – 80million internet users
The UK is currently 8th in the world, with 55 million internet users.

Since the launch of our New Landlord Services Business Directory (last week) many of our sponsors that have paid up for a year of advertising with us have been, on average, receiving upto 100 hits on their advert A DAY.

So why is online advertising so popular?

Principally; the birth of the internet has given us ALL the opportunity to immediately publish information and content, without the limitations of location or time.
AND with the mainstream media phone hacking scandal being revealed last year we believe that the future of factual news will stem from the general public via internet blogs & forums.

Therefore online advertising grants the customer the freedom of customizing and editing their advertisement themselves; from the comfort of their own home.

Along with the evidential cash savings, online advertising means you can target even the most specific niche of clientele; opening up the world of business enterprise to everyone.

Here at Landlord Referencing we use specialised targeted marketing via;

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation (via 35+ top search engines)
  • Weekly Newsletter Promotion

to advertise your services to our database of 1000′s and 1000′s of landlords and letting agent members who look for and need what you can provide; where you can find reliable and trusted business professionals for all aspects of being a property professional.

Check out our 3 monthly, 6 monthly & yearly listing prices here.

So contact Dean now and he will be happy to assemble a deal, which caters to your individual needs.

Tel: 01934 645 237 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday)
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  2. I think the reason why on-line advertising is growing is due to Google Adwords and Facebook whom allow such direct targeting of marketing.

    In the days were Billboards, TV and Radio was the only advertisements, a lot of the advertisers message was wasted. Such as advertising Mortgages to unemployed, the only targeting was “time of day” and stereotyping who would be watching a program.

    With targeted marketing, its much more direct. In addition its track able, traditional advertising could not tell you how they knew about your product or service. But with online adverts, you can see where/when/how they came from.