Who to Inform When Moving House or Relocating

Who to Inform When Moving House or Relocating

Few people realise that when you move house, there are a number of important people and companies that you should look to contact to update your personal details, such as your new address and best contact location.

Without this valuable information, utility providers and insurers will be unable to contact you for renewals, insurance claims and general annual reminders and updates.

There are many people you should contact, but this is our list of important contacts to notify as soon as possible.

  1. Gas
  2. Electric
  3. Water
  4. DVLA
  5. Insurance
  6. Gov.uk
  7. Employer

#1 Gas Provider

Most homeowners and tenants will be aware of this, but just in case, we will discuss it and explain exactly what you need to do. Before moving out of the property, you need to take a final meter reading of your gas usage. Once you have this, you need to contact your gas provider and make them aware of your moving dates. After that, make sure that you submit a final meter reading to ensure that you are not paying for the new owners/tenants gas usage.

#2 Electric

In 9/10 cases, the gas and electricity provider will be the same company. However, you must complete the same process for the exact same reasons. If you are on a monthly tariff, take an electric meter reading and submit it to the supplier. They will be able to calculate what you owe them and visa-versa.

#3 Water Companies

Just like you would with gas and electric suppliers, it’s important to take a meter reading where possible. A lot of water meters are located away from the property and you may need to contact the supplier. In most areas of the UK it will be Anglian Water. You can confirm this on the top of your latest bill. Let them know that you are moving and they will arrange for an engineer to visit and take a final reading.


A lot of people forget this, but you must remember to contact the DVLA and inform them of the change of address. As a result of the relocation, the address that has been printed on your photocard driving licence is no longer correct. The DVLA will change your address on their system and arrange for a new photocard to be delivered completely free of charge.

#5 Insurance Providers

Likewise, contact your house, building, contents and car insurance providers. They will all need to know your new address. Failing to provide the correct details as soon as you move can result in your account being deactivated or even locked out. To make matters worse, if you ever needed to make a claim, you wouldn’t be able to or at the very best case scenario, it would be extremely difficult.

#6 GOV.uk

When you arrive and are settled into your new home, make sure that you contact the local voting centre or visit the GOV.uk website to resubmit your details to the electoral role. Failing to have the correct details on the electoral role can result in a hit on your personal credit score and you may not be eligible to vote.

#7 Employer

Let your employer know as soon as you can. In some organisations, all of the necessary details on your file/payslip need to be correct in order to receive a monthly salary. Failing to have up to date details could result in a delay to wage payments and any bonuses that you could be due.

Author Bio: This article was written by Ed Davis, Co-Owner and contributor for Davis and Mac, a traditional Man and Van in London.

Author: davisandmac

Ed Davis, Co-Owner and contributor for Davis and Mac, a traditional Man and Van in London - www.davisandmac.co.uk

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