What can you do when hell is on your doorstep?

What can you do when hell is on your doorstep?

In the UK our neighbours can often live too close to home; outlined last night by Channel 5’s new series “The Nightmare Neighbour From Hell”, revealing the traumatic, shocking, humourous and occasionally bizarre experiences of victims of nightmare neighbours.

With 1 in 5 of us having been in an argument with our close neighbours, out of the 3 cases covered in episode one LRS found the following the most shocking :

  • Anti-social family from hell The Chawners.

From 2000-2008 a northern community was divided and even came to blows following over 600 complaints of noise, abuse, intimidation, violence and anti-social behaviour reported to the police and council, after The Chawners moved from The South into a quiet suburban street in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The family described themselves as “friendly”, that their pets and TV were more important than their neighbours and that they were the ones being continually victimized wherever they go – they claim the reason being because of their weight and their daughters “X-Factor disaster”.

To begin with they were barely noticed by the locals and on first impressions they appeared to be a fairly quiet family, spending most of their time in the house. But not long moving into their new home, incidents started building up and the residents started putting two and two together.

After 7 years of nightmare-ish behaviour the Chawners were finally taken to court, with 12 accusations against them – including violence, harassment, damaging property, throwing things out of windows (e.g. bricks) and property maintenance at unreasonable times of day. After pleading guilty, or face immediate eviction, they were told in no uncertain terms that if they did not behave for the next 12 months that they would be evicted.

It didn’t take long; after 134 more complaints the Chawner family were served with an eviction notice. And after 2 months of living in their car they soon had another roof over their heads and new neighbours, but old habits certainly die hard with this family. With another dog in toe their new neighbours started complaining to the police and local council and they landed themselves in court yet again – claiming “all lies”.

The last word on this family, from ex-chair of the residents committee Stuart Johnson, speaks volumes on how families like these can truly divide communities as well as lower house prices;

“If you see a family like the Chawners coming down your road call your local estate agent and sell up as fast as you can.”

It’s only a matter of time before this family hit the road again – so the question is:

  • How can a landlord avoid taking these kind of tenants on in the future, and protect their existing tenants from anti-social and threatening behaviour?

Unsurprisingly, the majority of tenants find disruptive neighbours the most off putting factor when looking for rental accommodation. Furthermore, the most ‘tenants from hell’ manage to gain access to a new property after leaving their last landlord simply because their rent default or property damages were not registered in time to stop them.

LandlordReferencing.co.uk is the only company in the UK today that will send you an email within 1 hour of a rogue tenant leaving their last landlord.

Lifestyle Tenant Referencing also acts as an excellent deterrent to “bad” tenants; as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.

So why not join LRS today?

By doing so this will send a clear message to your existing and future tenants that you are a good landlord but if they fail to pay their rent/damage your property/cause unrest within the community through anti-social behaviour you can and will be able to stop them from renting a home in the future, alongside 21,000+ other vigilant landlords and letting agents right across the UK.

Next weeks episode will cover a nightmare building project next door, a fight over land and a community under siege.


  • Have you ever had a nightmare neighbour or tenant from hell?


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