Welfare Reform will “rot the soul” says “poverty czar”.

Welfare Reform will “rot the soul” says “poverty czar”.

The government’s “poverty czar” has claimed that the welfare reform programme (via Universal Credit) is a project heading for disaster.

Writing in The Guardian, Frank Field (Labour MP) says that Universal Credit will not simplify benefits and that the new IT systems will not work either; instead “rot the soul” of the low paid.

Mr Field is “against universal credit in principle” and also fears that it has become “practically unachievable”.

He also says he has asked the National Audit Office to carry out a special inquiry into the Universal Credit; amid fears it will be derailed by over-ambitious IT changes.

The government have rejected suggestions that new computer systems to administer the Universal Credit will not be ready in time, claiming that most of them have already been built and are currently being tested.

“Rumour has it that the Prime Minister does too, hence the attempt to move IDS to the justice department in the reshuffle so that the plans could be shelved,” added the Labour MP.

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, robustly defended this stinging criticism in the Commons yesterday, telling MPs: “Universal Credit is on time, on budget and I particularly want to stay here to see that through.”

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