We all want good neighbours – social referencing helps you find them.

We all want good neighbours – social referencing helps you find them.

It is a fact that no matter how nice our new home is, if we have a dreadful neighbour it can spoil everything we strive for in trying to achieve a comfortable and quiet life for ourselves and our family.

  • Quite often we get asked by tenants “what’s in it for us to be added to a data base that other landlords can reference one another about our lifestyles?”  The answer is very simply; safety, security, a decent standard of living, a better environment and neighbourhood for you and your family.

Lifestyle network referencing is not just about protecting landlords from losing rent or stopping the damage to their property, it is about making sure their good tenants are safe and comfortable because, believe me, there is no money or security for a landlord who keeps losing good tenants just because a bad one moves in or lives next door.

At LandlordReferencing.co.uk you must recognise that we are not like the other social lifestyle referencing sites who give out your details. Nothing but nothing about a tenant’s sensitive personal identification information ever gets given out to anyone else, the only thing that is given out is the last landlord or agent and this keeps the good tenants safe and the bad tenants out.

It is very simple, if your landlord or letting agent lifestyle network references together within your neighbourhood, it gives “YOU” the good tenant, a much reduced chance of having an neighbour that falls into one of these categories below who may not be picked up on traditional Credit and ID referencing but will probably be known by their last landlord or letting agent.

• Anti-social behaviour.

• Drug related taking or dealing.

• Criminal behaviour.

• All night parties.

• Arguing and fighting, day and night.

• Problematic noise or rubbish from garden or communal areas.

• Drunkenness.

• Verbal abuse.

So as a good tenant, you can see that lifestyle network referencing is not a form of black-list, it is designed to help give all tenants a better quality of neighbour that they deserve as well as pay for.  So, we ask all good tenants that if you want to help us stop these people moving in next to you, get your landlord or agent to join us and it will not cost them a penny to stop people that do the above becoming your neighbour.

As a landlord myself, I aim to keep my tenants happy and with me for as long as possible and my tenants will tell you that since I have lifestyle referenced with 1000’s of others in Somerset, my voids and turnover of good tenants is down to 4%.  It is a fact of life that an unhappy tenant is an un-caring and un-paying tenant and that also includes being unhappy because of antisocial neighbours.

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