Voluntary profiling; Tenant Referencing of the Future?

Voluntary profiling; Tenant Referencing of the Future?

Following on from the latest news stories covered by LRS yesterday;

We would like to explore and predict what tenant referencing of the future could look like.

With austerity policies putting our entire countries housing structure on the brink of collapse, coupled with poverty and homelessness on the increase, the majority of renters agree that it is becoming increasingly hard to find an area where they and their family can feel completely safe.

We are all aware (and fully accept) that those who

  • work regularly with children or vulnerable people;
  • work in healthcare;
  • are potential foster carers, adoptive parents or child-minders
  • work in an establishment that is wholly or mainly for children

are all subject to a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, as well as some also requiring drug tests, medical fitness tests and other security clearances before employment.

Could this be the future for private renting tenants?

At Landlord Referencing we are beginning to see an upsurge in tenants that do not want bad neighbours and therefore are telling their landlords and letting agents about the service that (only) we can provide.

This is because they realise that the more landlords that join our unique service the less chance they have of experiencing anti-social, disruptive neighbours.

Therefore, is it really out of the question that, say 20 years from now, it will be the norm for tenants (who have nothing to hide and who simply want a safe and quiet environment to live in) will be living in gated communities that only accept tenants who successfully pass a series of voluntary profiling tests?

As the worlds population grows and rents continue to rise, alongside the drug and alcohol abuse epidemic, LRS believe that the majority of reputable working tenants AND tenants on benefits would be happy to choose to be drug and alcohol tested, alongside a police record check.

Especially if a complete profile would secure a reduced rent, in a safer and quieter environment offering 24hr security, alongside liked-minded people.

People said man would never go to the moon – so is this really out of the question?

Would you be happy to submit a complete ‘Tenant Profile’ ;

  • Drug test
  • Blood test
  • Rental history check
  • CRB check

in order to guarantee great neighbours who also want a clean lifestyle, along with reduced rent & a comfortable and quiet life for yourself and your family???

We know we would!

Whatever your view is please let us know!

We all want good neighbours, social referencing helps you find them!

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