Universal Credit UPDATE

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  1. I will make a prediction. The ability to make direct payments of rent will be used for local authorities and RSL’s if it is used at all. Government have been made aware that payments to tenants means increasing rent arrears and at a time when they are reducing the budgets of local authorities they would be crazy to increase rent arrears which also increases their costs while reducing their income.

    My question is this. Where a tenant/family have reached the caps of £18,200 (for singles with not dependants) and £26,000 max for families what money will they use to pay rent? The first benefit to be reduced/removed to reduce the benefits to below the cap is Housing Benefit/LHA, if the tenant is not entitled to housing benefit because of this will Government make an additional payment? – I think not because that will blow the cap our of the water. Where the benenfit has been reduced to less that the rent due, will Government make up the shortfall?

    Chris Grayling said that they “will have the capability” He did NOT say that direct payments to landlords will happen.

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