UK Landlords & Agents ‘willing to discriminate on the basis of ethnicity’ ?

UK Landlords & Agents ‘willing to discriminate on the basis of ethnicity’ ?

Tonight on Inside Out London Guy Lynn will be asking whether some estate agents are discriminating against their African-Caribbean customers on behalf of landlords.

Under the Equality Act 2010 it is illegal for businesses to refuse to provide a service based on ethnicity. But tonight’s BBC undercover investigation will reveal 10 London firms who told a reporter (posing as a landlord) that they would not let to African-Caribbean people at his request.

Landlords, Agents and Tenants what are your views on this controversial issue?

Furthermore, with the government wanting to make it much harder for illegal immigrants to settle in the UK (by imposing large fines on landlords/agents if they fail to check the immigration status of their tenants correctly) is it racist for landlords and lettings agents to now say they will only rent to British Nationals?

Whatever your views are please share them with the LRS community.

BBC One – 7:30 pm tonight – Or watch online by clicking here.

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