UC pilot begins | Manchester landlords protect yourself (free) today!

UC pilot begins | Manchester landlords protect yourself (free) today!

Universal Credit / Welfare Reform.The Government will launch the first pilot test of its new benefits system ( Universal Credit )  in Ashton-under-Lyne today. It seeks to simplify the existing system by combining 6 benefits into 1, but opponents say it is misleading and will increase debt, mass evictions and homelessness.

As a private landlord, letting agent and/or tenant it is extremely important to understand that Housing Benefit is currently paid to the landlord, but this option will be abolished under Universal Credit; primarily because ministers believe it will help tenants manage their finances better.

An open letter to the mainstream media

MPs have also raised concerns that the welfare shake-up will leave the benefits system more vulnerable to fraud, with changes to IT fraud prevention systems and a possible exodus of experienced staff.

At Landlord Referencing we believe tenants should have the right to decide if their rents are paid directly to their landlord – to help those on low incomes avoid debt and arrears.

Technology limiting how benefit payments are spent could ease UK’s troubled economy.

The majority of private landlords and housing associations are also extremely concerned, with many also predicting an increase in rent arrears that could damage their ability to borrow from lenders at favourable rates.

Direct payment pilots reveal rent arrears increase

Landlord claims Universal Credit will cost £8 million a year!

Therefore, we call on all Landlords and Letting Agents in the Greater Manchester area to join the Landlord Referencing system TODAY – and avoid the rent arrears that will inevitably be attached to the abolition of direct payments of rent to landlords (free).


Welfare Reform | Benefit Changes Timetable


Furthermore, LRS call on all private renting tenants who have a bad credit history but have maintained and established themselves as being a good tenant throughout the problems they’ve experienced. With the arrival of the first UC pilot scheme a tenant reference containing a tenant’s history is now more important than ever – and it stands to reason that the better a tenant’s overall previous tenure history is; the better the property they’ll get – and possibly at a better price.

At Tenantcred.co.uk a PRS tenant can simply register themselves on our unique ‘TenantCred’ system (providing limited details) and our data controllers will contact your previous landlord(s) to access the history of your tenancies. Your unique file will then be created (free) – it is as simple as that!

If you are already an LRS member please keep us updated on how the UC pilot is working out for you and your tenants.

Universal Credit could be the downfall of the Private Rental Sector taking on benefit tenants into decent properties – and we truly believe it will only escalate homelessness, child poverty, ghettos AND rogue landlords. Therefore, the whole team at LRS hope that YOU can assist us in bringing this exceptionally important issue to the attention of ALL landlords, letting agents AND good tenants in the Greater Manchester area and beyond.

“United we stand, divided they keep ripping us off”.
So please consider Joining Landlord Referencing Services today, in order to protect your property, wallet & community “FREE”.

Universal credit to scrap direct rent payments to landlords PETITIONS

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