U TURN on Local Authorities Having to Accept Service of Section 21 As Homelessness

U TURN on Local Authorities Having to Accept Service of Section 21 As Homelessness

Homelessness Reduction Bill changed and it’s bad news for landlords

The final version of Bob Blackman MP’s Homelessness Reduction Bill has been published ahead of its 2nd Reading in Parliament. In complete contrast to previous versions, and the report by Crisis that preceded it, the final version delivers a kicking to landlords.
The NLA had been provisionally supportive of the previous draft of the Bill because it included one very welcome change to the Housing Act 1996:
“A person in respect of whom a valid notice under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 (…..) has been given is to be treated as homeless from the date on which that notice expires”.
This one sentence amendment would have stopped councils’ damaging policy to advise tenants to stay in the property until evicted by bailiffs if served with a valid section 21 notice.
However, the new version extends this out with two pages of sub-clauses, stating that such tenants should be treated as homeless UNLESS a relevant local housing authority asks them to stay put.
It goes on to say that the tenant may not overstay a court order, but that the local housing authority must only consider the likely consequences / financial harm to the interested parties.
In essence this is the opposite of what we supported previously as it legitimises and encourages a practice which currently contradicts the government’s code of practice. Find more at: https://nlauk.wordpress.com/…/homelessness-reduction-bill-…/

Mary Latham Landlord:

‘This is shocking and I am very pleased that I made a decision not to take another tenant who does not qualify for Rent Guarantee Insurance including full Legal Cover – Thank you Paul Routledge. Obviously we need to protect our rental income especially with the coming changes to taxation and Government clearly have no interest in helping us nor indeed the tenants who fall into arrears.’

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