Trading data scandal revealed tonight. . .

Trading data scandal revealed tonight. . .

Tonight at 8pm, Channel 4 Dispatches will be revealing how the ‘secure’ databases that hold our personal secrets are open to exploitation.

‘Watching the Detectives’ is a year-long investigation into the black market of personal information, which reveals how a London firm of private detectives sold personal data on individuals; including details of bank accounts, benefit claims and even a national insurance number.

Conducted against the backdrop of the Leveson inquiry, which has intensified scrutiny on private investigators, the investigation highlights the apparent simplicity with which data that is not possible to obtain legally can be found. 

Undercover reporters also recorded Stephen Anderson, director of private investigators Crown Intelligence, disclosing medical details; including the name of one of the volunteers’ doctors, recent appointments with a GP and, in one instance, confirmation of a medical condition. Furthermore, on several occasions, the investigator provided information for payment that appears to be covered by the Data Protection Act, which makes it an offence to “obtain or disclose data without permission or procure the disclosure to another person”.

Anderson insists that all the data he dug-up was legally obtained.

Tonight’s program also shows Anderson making extraordinary allegations that Scotland Yard secretly and frequently uses private detectives to assist with investigations. Also claiming that the Met had approached him to uncover information that the police could not.

Anderson added that he was given the impression that all the information would be passed on to the clients “who were in discussion with the police with a view to preventing or detecting the commission of crime”. And that “because Dispatches had received the consent of their volunteers to gather personal information, no offence had been committed under the Data Protection Act.”

Data Protection | ICO – The Basics.

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If you get a chance to watch it we would be very interested in your thoughts on the matter and whether you agree that the industry of private detectives should be regulated?


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