TR Lettings taken over by Rybec Homes

TR Lettings taken over by Rybec Homes

As of the 1st January 2018, TR Lettings property advertising has been taken over by Rybec Homes Ltd.

The property advertising service will now allow Tenant Referencing UK members to continue to advertise their rental properties online in exactly the same way, but will now also include the full range of online advertising portals including Rightmove.

Paul Routledge, CEO of the TR Group, said:

The reason for the company decision to dispose of this service directly to members is that it was becoming an ever increasing conflict of interest to our fast growing letting agent members, who rely on letting for their income.

We decided that in order to get better data, to stop us all taking someone else’s problem tenant, that it would make sense for all if we did not offer any services which may be detrimental to the services offered by other members – in this case; Letting agents.

The new structure will allow the existing customers of TR Lettings to continue to advertise and self-manage their property online, whilst still offering the best referencing in the UK alongside growing databases from new letting agent members.

Rybec Homes Limited will interact with you as a landlord to use Tenant Referencing UK so you still get the best references and rent guarantee insurance products.

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