Tougher action to tackle troubled families.

Tougher action to tackle troubled families.

Over the weekend Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has called for tougher action on troubled families – aiming to ‘turn around’ 120,000 troubled families nationally by the end of this Parliament, cut crime & unemployment significantly and also cut the cost to tax payers.

The Communities Secretary said: ‘Sometimes when you meet some families, they have got  the language, they are fluent in social work.’

Claiming that the blame lies at the doors of 120,000 ‘troubled families’ said to be at the root of high amounts of crime and social disorder, the government will be spending £450million to try to lessen the problems these families cause; which are calculated to cost taxpayers £9billion a year, equivalent to £75,000 per family.

The money will be given to councils that succeed in reducing truanting, cutting crime, anti-social behaviour and helping parents find jobs. In order to do this efforts will be concentrated on social workers and other authorities, involving high costs for each family targeted. The costs are exemplified by the fact that children who live in troubled families are 36 times more likely to be excluded from school and six times more likely to have been in care or to have contact with the police.

The Coalition classify a ‘troubled family’ as one that has serious problems and causes serious problems; attributing a range of factors including parents not working, mental health problems, kids not in school, the family causing crime and anti-social behaviour and costing local services a lot of time and money routinely responding to them.

Councils will receive £3,900 for each family they persuade to send their children to school for 85 per cent of the time, to cut anti-social behaviour by 60 per cent, and to cut youth offending by a third.

A further £4,000 will go to councils for each adult in a troubled family who holds down a job for three months.

A ‘Troubled Families Team’, headed by former Labour homelessness tsar Louise Casey, has also been set up by the Communities Secretary to join up efforts across Whitehall, provide expert help to local areas and drive forward the strategy.

The new programme will also fund a national network of Troubled Family ‘Trouble-Shooters’ who will be appointed by local councils. The trouble-shooters will oversee the programme of action in their area. Their responsibilities will include making sure the right families are getting the right type of help, that sanctions are in place when needed, and that positive results are being achieved with the troubled families in their area.

The Prime Minister, who formally launched the programme during a visit to a Family Intervention Centre in Sandwell, said:

“Last year the state spent an estimated £9 billion on just 120,000 families, around £75,000 per family. Our heart tells us we can’t just stand by while people live these lives and cause others so much misery. Our head tells us we can’t afford to keep footing the monumental bills for social failure. So we have got to take action to turn troubled families around.

“This immense task will take new ways of thinking, committed local action, flexibility and perseverance. But I know too that it’s a task we can’t shirk. People in troubled families aren’t worthless or pre-programmed to fail. I won’t allow them to be written off. So we must get out there, help them their lives around and heal the scars of the broken society.”

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles added:

“120,000 families are a big problem for this country. If you live near one you know very well who they are. And local services like police, health and schools also know who they are, because they spend a disproportionate amount of time and money dealing with them.

“These families are both troubled and causing trouble. We want to get to the bottom of their problems and resolve them – for their own good, and for the good of their communities.”

The initiative has already come under fire from authors on family life, who advocate a strong link between troubled families and welfare dependency. They believe that changes are needed at the roots of the problem rather than launching ‘Blairite initiatives’ and in order to achieve this they believe changes are needed in the way people are rewarded and penalised by the state, ‘with a dose of morality.’

At Landlord Referencing we have been administering our own dose of morality to the good and bad tenants of the UK for the past two years; which in-turn is pro-actively protecting good landlords, good tenants and neighbours at a national level.

By combining Lifestyle Tenant Referencing and our unique Tenant Alerts with the traditional credit reference we can reward the good tenants out there and penalise the bad ones – and we are also seeing a significant increase in good tenants telling their landlords about our service, as they now realise that social referencing can help them and their families receive a better quality of neighbour, that they deserve, as well as pay for.

But even better than that, our system is now acting as a firm deterrent to tenants that think it’s OK to continually default on their rent and/or destroy their landlords property; whereby, once tenants have been told that the Landlord Referencing system is already in place more often than not they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms.

We all know that the future of UK housing now lies with the Private Rented Sector, and considering we all seem to be on the same page now with regards to protecting and improving our communities; we call on the government to consider backing our unique system.

Not only would this save millions of pounds of tax payers’ money (as our system is completely free to join, for all UK landlords and letting agents) it would also  send a clear message to the unscrupulous and reckless tenants out there that their anti-social behaviour is not going to be tolerated any more AND unite the majority of us who strive for the simplest of necessities in life; safety, security, a decent standard of living, a better environment and neighbourhood for ourselves, our families and future generations.

We would love to hear your views on the matter.
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Author: Media Team

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  3. Once upon a time in a remote corner of Kent there was a young man whose speciality was smashing windows, telephone kiosks were his favourite where glass would be smashed the day it was repaired. One evening he smashed a dozen windows in my block of flats and there was nothing we could do to stop him.
    “If you try to stop me the police will do you for assault”
    The police stood by watching him in his reign of destruction, powerless to do anything.
    “You can’t touch me I’m under nine [years old]” was his taunt to the police.
    The youngster concerned was seven years old at the time, streetwise and hell bent on destruction. All his family were similar and none of them had ever worked, unless that is you count prison work. His mother had a child every time her partner was let out of prison, a child who was taught that the police could not do anything to him or her until they reached the age of nine..
    How is this government initiative going to deal with this sort of situation?
    As Paul Barrett said “They know they can brek the law with impunity.”

  4. The problem is the govt would not want ALL LL knowing about these wrongun -iss-takers.
    This as then there would be no one in the PRS willing to take them on.
    Then the councils would be stuck with these wronguns.
    They would have to source council or HA accommodation.
    There are not 120000 council properties available for these generally large wrongun families.
    Giving these wronguns free contraception would be a good idea and education on how to use them!!
    Trouble is these idiots know how to play the system and will continue to do so.
    The nanny state will prevent police and citizens taking proactive action againt the dysfunctional youths.
    Taking these idiots to task down a dark alley would soon stop them.
    That is what happened years ago.
    We need a little bit more of local justice to stop these idiots.
    This is the only regulation that they understand.
    The law presently does not police these wronguns and they know it; which is why they are so out of control.
    They know they can brek the law with impunity.

  5. I agree, not just because I am part of this web site but because I am part of our society.

    If Government took the bull by the horns and invited us to work with them I think they may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

    My door is always open to Mr Cameron or Mr Shapps to sit down and use our systems to help them with a National Database to stop tenants who steal their LHA and create havoc in our communities.

    We have been doing this for 2 years now and I think if they wanted to they could make a real difference.

  6. I have to say it amazes me how many times I read the news stories on this site that seem to pre-empt Government policy.

    If local authority “Troubled Family Teams” are really trying to get our communities in shape and we are really seeing the PRS (Private rental sector) taking up the slack on housing in this country, does it not stand to reason that every Local Authority and Government body involved in stopping the families from hell in our communities should be shouting from the top of the town hall to all their Landlords “JOIN THIS WEBSITE”

    Surely not being able to get a home after being evicted for being the tenant from hell before, has to be one of the biggest deterrents to on-going anti-social lifestyles.

    If the councils tell these anti-social tenants that if they miss-behave their landlord will put them on the LRS list and also tell them that every other PRS landlord who offers property to the councils can see them on the list as well. They can then summarize to even the stupidest person simply, Mr/Mrs Scoundrel, If you do one landlord over the rest will know and not just know locally but Nationally and then you just won’t get anywhere decent to live.

    If you don’t pay your credit card you don’t get another one and now if you don’t behave in your property you don’t get another one. “SO BEHAVE OR BE HOMELESS”