Thousands March in London to end housing crisis “March For Homes”

Thousands March in London to end housing crisis “March For Homes”

At midday today (Saturday 31st January) March For Homes took place in London. Hundreds of people marched to City Hall to draw attention to the London housing crisis and the lack of affordable homes.

Banners were carried saying:




In Shoreditch, campaigners held aloft a huge banner which read

“this is the beginning of the end of the housing crisis”

Campaigners want London Mayor Boris Johnson to take steps to create a fairer housing market in the capital.

They say Government housing policies have driven up rents, caused a lack of affordable homes and are contributing towards a rise in homelessness.

They are also claiming a London housing crisis has been made worse by stagnant wages, zero-hours contracts and an unstable jobs market.

“We need affordable and secure housing and that should be the starting point – not how many unaffordable rabbit hutches to build to boost council revenues,” said Eileen Short, chair of Defend Council Housing.

Exactly how they want this funded is not clear because the cost of building more social homes must be funded and the on-going cost of maintenance and future building means that any homes that are built must be self funding.

Boris Johnson launched plans for £1bn London house building scheme last autumn.

Announcing plans to build 420,000 homes in London over the next ten years, Mayor Boris Johnson said “it doesn’t mean that great, big skyscrapers are going to sprout up all over the city”

Mr Johnson’s plans also include proposals to lend more than £160 million to developers and to create a specialist bank to speed up building work, as well as backing regeneration projects to create more garden suburbs around London.

Exactly how that translates to “unaffordable rabbit hutches to build to boost council revenues” it difficult to understand.

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