Third of landlords have had a property abandoned by tenants, say NLA

Third of landlords have had a property abandoned by tenants, say NLA

According to the latest research carried out by the National Landlord Association, 36% of UK landlords have had a property abandoned by their tenants.

At Tenant Referencing UK we hear from landlords on a daily basis who’ve had a tenant leave their property before the end of their tenancy without informing them, which (more often than not) means landlords are faced with a lengthy legal process in order to regain possession of their property.

Abandonment issues can also become costly when outstanding rent is owed, which is more often the case in the situations we hear about.

As we all know that when a tenant abandons their rental property they still have the legal right to return, and its a criminal offence for landlords to try and stop them from continuing the tenancy. So landlords are left with no option but to legally regain possession of their properties.

Furthermore, according to the NLA’s statistics the North East of England is the UK’s ‘property abandonment hotspot’, where 58% of landlords surveyed said they’d had a property abandoned. The lowest proportion was recorded in the South West, with 31% of properties abandoned by PRS tenants.

The Housing and Planning Act, which recently received Royal Assent, will create a new process to deal with this exact issue of abandonment, which will hopefully give far greater security and peace of mind when attempting to recover property that is believed to have been abandoned.

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I caught my tenant actually trying to do a moon light with his rent cheque of over £600….

To avoid getting into this kind of situation it is best practice to get a thorough reference on the tenant at the start of the tenancy, check for rent payments and visit the property regularly. If you are on good terms with a neighbour you could also ask them to keep an eye on any suspicious movements or provide a weekly cleaning service; to keep an extra eye on the property.
Finally, it’s a good idea to build up a relationship with the tenant and make them aware that if they go away for an extended period of time that they should let you know.

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