The Week The Landlords Moved In – Episode 3: Communication Is Key

The Week The Landlords Moved In – Episode 3: Communication Is Key

The third episode of this series aired last night, featuring Founder of Tenant Referencing UK Paul Routledge.

The series aims to challenge successful landlords to spend an eye-opening week living in one of their own rentals, on their tenant’s budget, to see life through their tenant’s eyes.

Speaking on BBC Radio Bristol this morning, Paul highlighted the main issue that his episode raised; communication between landlords and their tenants is key to a healthy tenancy.

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Emma Britton asked Paul:

‘What did you think of the show that you were in and you were the landlord in it, weren’t you?’

Paul replied:

‘I thought it was a good show. I think the idea of the show really was to show that there is this missing link between communication between landlord and tenant and actually if we all communicated better it would probably make the task alot easier and relations alot better.’


Did doing the show teach you a lesson about that, about communicating and keeping in touch with your tenants?’


Well I think the problem that we had with it was that we have one of the most robust maintenance schemes in the country. Our maintenance scheme that we put together is now rolled out by the NLCE (The National Landlords Code of Excellence). I think the real problem with this particular case was that Courtney being a young mum, being slightly shy and what have you, didn’t make it clear that there were issues in the flat.’

Removing the poetic license of the BBC, this program has only shown one side of the story; afterall, Paul & Sharon’s story only made up about 20 minutes of the 1 hour program. We’re all aware, in reality life is not as black and white as television shows tend to portray.

Our experience has shown over the years that most problems arise in a tenancy because of property repairs and maintenance issues.

This is why to overcome this problem the NLCE has created a national tenant repair reporting system. The streamlined system allows tenants to make a formal written notification to their landlord about property issues/repairs, which can then be escalated to their local authority for inspection if their landlord fails to respond within a reasonable period of time.

This service is free to all UK tenants and formalises the reporting of repairs.

Please visit for full information on the scheme.

Furthermore, The Ark Passport provides a brand new solution to help tenants in receipt of any type of benefit and/or those with CCJ’s to find new homes. Please visit for further information.

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