The Ultimate Landlord Checklist

The Ultimate Landlord Checklist

Please find the ultimate landlord checklist below:

(*** = You must have this by law, otherwise penalties may apply, ** = Recommended, * = Useful)


☐ Buildings / Landlords Insurance (***)

Gas Safety Certificate (***)

Energy Performance Certificate [EPC] (***)

Electrical Installation Condition Report [EICR] (Electrical safety certificate) (**)

Electrical Installation Certificate [EIC] (**)

(For any new installation or modification of electrics)

Minor Electrical Installation Work Certificate [MEIWC] (**)

(For any installation or modification of electrics that does not include a new electrical circuit )

Copies of Tenant References (**)


Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement [AST] (***)
(Make sure the signing of the tenancy is witnessed by at least one other person)

☐ Guarantors Agreement (if needed) (***)

☐ Written confirmation from tenant that they are happy to receive letting documents by email (***)

☐ Copied evidence (E.g. passport) to prove tenant has a right to rent in this country (***)

How to Rent – The Checklist for Renting in England *PLEASE CHECK YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION* (***)

☐ Certificate of Deposit Protection (***)

☐ Deposit Protection Prescribed Information and Clauses (***)

Deposit Protection Scheme Leaflet (Explains how the deposit scheme works) (***)

☐ Addendum to the AST explaining where the deposit is protected and what it can be used for. (***)

(This can be written into the AST)

Inventory (**)

☐ Information for Tenant (*)

☐ Tenant Log – logging all communications with tenant including date (*)


☐ Accounts – all transactions related to the tenancy (**)

Pre Tenancy:

☐ Clean House. (*)

☐ Decorate if needed. (*)

Check EPC in date, get new one done if not in date. (***)

Check Landlords Gas Safety Certificate in date, get new one done if not in date. (***)

Check electrics. If unsure get an Electric Installation Condition Report [EICR] done. (**)

☐ Check / install smoke detectors on each floor. (***)

☐ Carbon Monoxide detector needs installing / testing in each room solid fuel is being used. (***)

☐ Risk assessments (fire, Legionella and asbestos). (**)

Check buildings / landlord insurance is in date, get new insurance if not in date. (***)

☐ Set up a tax account with the HMRC if not already done. (***)

Create Inventory. (**)

☐ Take photographs to advertise the property. (*)

Find tenant: e.g. Letting Agent, newspaper advert, on-line ‘virtual’ agents. (*)

Check fees, shop around. (*)

☐ Consider whether you want smokers and pets. (*)

☐ Prepare AST, addendums, and other documents you wish to get a tenant to sign. (*)

New Tenancy:

Reference Tenant thoroughly (Agent may do this). (**)

☐ Create and jointly sign AST. (***)

☐ Jointly sign guarantor’s form with guarantor if needed (if possibility tenant may not meet rent).

(AST has to be read by guarantor and the guarantor’s form signed before AST signed)

Get copied evidence (e.g. Passport) to prove tenant has a right to rent in this country. (***)

☐ Get written confirmation from tenant they are happy to receive letting documents by email. (***)

(This can be written into the AST)

☐ Jointly sign inventory. (**)

Get tenant(s) contact details (phone, email). (**)

☐ Take deposit from tenant. (**)

☐ Take first month’s rent from tenant. (**)

☐ Tenant to set up direct debit with you for rent. (*)

☐ Take meter readings. (**)

☐ Notify local council Council Tax Department of new tenants. (**)

☐ Notify utilities companies. (Tenant has right to choose their utilities companies). (*)

Update Tenant History (from applicant to resident) (**)

Protect deposit within 30 days of receiving deposit. (***)

(Agent will do this or as a Tenant Referencing UK member you get a discount of up to 50% on joining fees and £2 discount off every deposit registered with mydeposits)

Things to Give Tenant(s) Before / When they Move in:

☐ Hard signed copy of the AST. (***)

☐ Hard signed copy of the Guarantors Agreement (If needed).

☐ Signed copy of the Inventory. (**)

☐ Your contact details. (**)

☐ Your bank details for direct debit. (*)

☐ Copy of current Energy Performance Certificate [EPC]. (***)

☐ Hard ‘pink’ copy of current Landlords Gas Safety Certificate. (***)

How to Rent – The Checklist for Renting in England *PLEASE CHECK YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION*  (***)

☐ Copy of current Electrical safety Certificate if carried out. (**)

☐ Copy of instructions for electrical / gas appliances (Keep originals for backup). (*)

☐ Useful information. (*)

☐ Certificate of Deposit Protection. (***)

☐ Hard signed copy of Deposit Protection Prescribed Information and Clauses. (***)

☐ Deposit Protection Scheme Leaflet (Explains how the deposit scheme works). (***)

☐ Addendum to the AST explaining where the deposit is protected and what it can be used for. (***)

(This can be written into the AST)

☐ Door keys. (**)

☐ Window keys. (**)

☐ Outside keys (Shed, cupboard, garage). (**)

☐ Meter box key. (**)

Information Useful to Tenants:

How a Tenant History works (**)

☐ Location of consumer unit. (*)

☐ Location of gas, electric, water meters. (*)

☐ Location of gas and water valves. (*)

☐ Bin days. (*)

☐ Tell them must not do any alterations or decorating without asking you. (**)

☐ Tell them any issues and maintenance needs should be communicated to you. (**)

☐ Show them the smoke detectors (and Carbon Monoxide detectors if needed) work. (**)

☐ Tell them that indiscriminate disposal of domestic household waste through the toilet and drain could result in them being charged repair costs by the water authority. (e.g. Only urine, fecal matter and toilet paper in the toilet and no fat and oil down the drains.) (**)

During Tenancy:

☐ Most up to date copy of ‘How to Rent – The Checklist for Renting in England’ to be re-served between replacement tenancies, including between fixed term and statutory periodic tenancies. (***)

Re-protect deposit if you create a new tenancy agreement. (***)

(Deposit does not need re-protecting if the tenancy moves from a fixed term to a periodic)

Update Tenant History (**)

☐ Log all communications with tenant and keep letter / email trail. (*)

☐ Respond to written complaints in writing within 14 days. (***)

☐ Maintain the property and address any responsibilities of the landlord. (**)

☐ Periodic property inspections (**):

(a) Inform tenants first. (***)

(b) Note condition of property, jobs needed doing, and any tenant concerns. (**)

(c) Feedback your property inspection findings to the tenant. (*)


(a) Are tenants paying their rent on time?

(b) Are tenants keeping property together, tidy, not damaged, and per AST?

(c) Are tenants (including animals) causing disturbance to neighbours.

End of Tenancy:

3 Reasons:

(a) Tenant wishes to move on.

(b) You want tenant out for not paying rent, damaging property, causing a nuisance.

(c) You want to end letting (E.g. selling property, retiring).

☐ Serve the correct form of notice as required. (***)

(It is important that you follow the correct notice procedure). (***)

Update Tenant History (from resident to date left) (**)

Find new tenant (current tenants must give accompanied access to prospective tenants). (**)

☐ Check property and give tenant tasks they have to do before deposit is released. (**)

☐ On moving out collect keys and any other items given to tenant. (**)

☐ Take meter readings. (**)

☐ Check inventory and list deductions. (**)

☐ Tenant to sign list of deductions from deposits and amounts. (***)

☐ Return whole/part of deposit (not in cash without a receipt from tenant) (***)

If tenant refused to leave property there are special action to be followed to gain repossession.

This is a guide to help PRS landlords to manage a tenancy.
Tenant Referencing UK working with cannot be held liable for any outcome related to either following advice given in, or from anything omitted from, this guide. If in doubt, please seek professional legal advice.

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