The South West’s Biggest Landlord Expo, Bristol, 2014

The South West’s Biggest Landlord Expo, Bristol, 2014


Paul & Samii had a great reception from everyone who came to say hello to them at The South West’s Biggest Landlord Expo yesterday.

Samii had this to say about the event:

“It was really great to meet existing LRS members who have properties around the Bristol/South West area and put faces to names, as well as meeting lots of new landlords and agents who will hopefully join the LRS network soon.

Interestingly, out of the 71 landlords that I personally spoke to, asking if they had ever had a bad tenant, 61 of them said yes and out of the 10 letting agents that I spoke to 8 of them admitted to having experienced a bad tenant at some point in their career. The lucky 12, who had never experienced a bad tenant, thought it was great that they could reward their good tenants with great references through the LRS portal too.

So a big thank you to the whole expo team and the other exhibitors for making this show the success that it was; this year being their best yet for attendance, with 790 expo registrations.”

It is important to remember that is completely different to any other referencing company in the UK.

Here’s why :


  • Network Referencing (only available at LRS) connects landlords and letting agents on both a local and national level – primarily preventing bad tenants leaving their landlord/agent, running off leaving a trail of excessive rent arrears and/or property damages and then moving onto another landlord and doing exactly the same thing.
  • Network Referencing helps tenants who have or have had bad credit/no credit build a good rental history file direct from their landlord/previous landlord/letting agent.
  • A happy tenant is a long-term tenant, which is all a landlord wants ; for the rent to be paid on time, for the property to be treated with respect and for the tenant to stay as long as possible – Network Referencing at LRS can (and does) achieve this.
  • With one in three people ditching a pension for property investment, to fund their retirement, Network Referencing protects their future.
  • Network Referencing cleans up areas affected by anti-social behaviour and is actually increasing property prices within these areas.
  • Network Referencing is the safest way to reference tenants, as a person’s sensitive data is never passed on – LRS simply passes on the last landlords details if the search is a positive match to an entry within the LRS database.
  • Above all, LRS is not a corporate entity and therefore truly cares about current Landlord, Agent and Tenant issues; encouraging better understanding, communication and relationships between Landlords, Agents, Tenants, Councils and Housing Associations.

So if you haven’t joined the LRS network yet then please CLICK HERE.

And if you are an LRS member please CLICK HERE to carry on spreading the word.

  • Did you attend the show at Bristol UWE?
  • Did you attend any of the seminars?

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