The LandlordReferencing Community Is Our Number One Priority

The LandlordReferencing Community Is Our Number One Priority

After confirmation, via Gary Henderson today, we would like to congratulate our competitors TenantID on their successful sale of their company to, one of the UK’s leading credit referencing companies.

We are also very happy to announce that LandlordReferencing are still going strong, and after just 16 months in business we have stuck to our word and kept all our member services free;

We think that this sale is fantastic for & The Hendersons (who seem to have recouped their investment, & Lorna Rose; who has apparently been offered a job with them) but we wonder whether it’s beneficial to the TenantID community, as we really cannot see CallCredit keeping all of their existing services free.

It will be interesting to see what services they DO keep free for their landlord and letting agent members…???

Here at LandlordReferencing we offer credit referencing, via Equifax, to our members with no annual £152 subscription charge.
The only charge you will get is for the reference(s) you choose.
And all of our other membership services are free.
That’s how simple our system is.

What is important to understand and remember about LandlordReferencing is that every pound we make, via Equifax Credit Referencing and our Landlord Insurance Products via DAS, goes back into the company to keep all of our other member services free forever.

When was offered a buyout by one of the big global credit referencing companies we categorically said NO!
It was not in our members interest, nor would it offer them any benefit at all.

Lifestyle Referencing was not created by Paul Routledge to make a quick buck; but to simply protect his fellow landlords and agents.
Lifestyle Referencing with landlords and letting agents is about monitoring the information very closely and offering the personal touch, via the social community, to our members within communities, yet still being ICO compliant.

And I truly believe that being a valued member of a tight-knit community is 100% more valuable than becoming another number in a large corporate black-hole.

We will always do our utmost to keep our members services free and be true & transparent to our members.
And a big thank you to all our existing members, who have stuck by us since the start and throughout our website updates – without you, we wouldn’t exist!

Please keep spreading the word about the No.1 Lifestyle Referencing Company in the UK – and in return, we’ll keep our services free, independent & protect your investments and wallets.

Author: Media Team

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