The Evolution of Lifestyle Network Referencing.

The Evolution of Lifestyle Network Referencing.

As we prepare for our 6th landlord / property exhibition of 2012 we thought it would be interesting to take a look at how Landlord Referencing Services has evolved over the past two years.

Our story begins in April 2010, following the companies founder being stabbed in the head by a drug dealing tenant; vowing to protect every landlord, at a local level, from this ever happening to them.

Primarily, the message Paul Routledge was trying to get across to landlords in the North Somerset area was that if they joined our tight-knit community they would be able to network together; in order to reduce rent defaults, property damages and rental voids AND protect all of our communities.
Coupled with Mr Routledge’s second pledge; that this service would be kept free, saving landlords and letting agents even more money – Landlord Referencing Services was launched nationally a few months later.

The power of word of mouth recommendations, from our earliest and most vigilant community members, spurred national mainstream media coverage and major landlord accreditations and associations followed suit and partnered with us.

Redesigning the Landlord Referencing website saw the birth of our community forum, giving a voice and opportunity to the thousands of landlords out there to air and discuss their tenant grievances with not only the rest of the Landlord Referencing Community but the rest of the world.

But as the global economic crisis kicked in – driving up rents, debt and homelessness, coupled with the UK’s housing crisis – it became extremely obvious that in order to help landlords avoid bad tenants we would need to find a way to prevent them from becoming bad tenants in the first place.

Being landlords ourselves, we completely understand the importance of a tenants reference containing a tenant’s history ; what with pay day loan companies continually tempting the vulnerable and the welfare reform (Universal Credit) just around the corner.
As well as traditional methods of referencing not being able to divulge such details, we needed to specifically find a way to show that even if a tenant has a bad credit score that they have maintained and established themselves as being a good tenant throughout the problems they’ve experienced.

And so Tenant Credentials was launched, @ .

The Tenant Credentials system works simply by tenants uploading their current and previous landlords/agents details and then Landlord Referencing does the rest of the work; compiling a tenants rental history direct from their previous landlords and/or letting agents. And best of all, this service is also completely free.

So, as you can see, Landlord Referencing Services is not just about protecting landlords from losing rents and stopping property damages any more ; but addressing how we can prevent good tenants from becoming bad tenants and giving tenants the credibility that they deserve, as well as pay for.

We even have a platform for tenants to air their grievances about their landlords and neighbours here.

Just as our thousands of landlord and letting agent members have done, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to embrace our interactive landlord and tenant world, by:

  • Joining our unique system (free)
  • Uploading your good and bad tenants (free)
  • Voicing your experiences and opinions in our discussion forums (free)
  • Sharing what we do with at least one other landlord, letting agent or tenant.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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