The Benefit Cap reduction … its here!

The Benefit Cap reduction … its here!

Landlords; do you rely on direct payments of Local Housing Allowance (LHA)? As the following news directly affects YOU!

The benefit cap is the maximum amount of benefit you can receive in a year previously set at £26,000 per year, it’s now being reduced to £23,000 for claimants in London and £20,000 for claimants outside London. (Different rates apply for single people and there are various exemptions and qualifications to this – please see If you receive benefits above the cap level, you will have a cut applied to your Housing Benefit. You will then be responsible to make up the resulting shortfall in your rent from your other benefit income. etc.

Tenants could potentially lose all of their remaining Housing Benefit except for a small token payment of 50 pence per week.

This cap will apply now to all those who have already been capped government is applying the cap to all other cases (those who are being capped for the first time) on a rolling schedule, with each local authority area seeing the full cap come in on different dates.


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