Tenants; Do you have credibility?

Tenants; Do you have credibility?

Following our pledge to help good tenants in this country, Landlord Referencing Services are very happy to announce the launch of our newest service for tenants today;

With the impending arrival of Universal Credit a tenant reference containing a tenant’s history is now more important than ever – and it stands to reason that the better a tenant’s overall previous tenure history is, the better the property they’ll get.

Our community of landlords, who have all suffered with bad tenants at some point, have said:

“I would be more than happy to offer my property at a lower rental if the incoming tenant had a high credit rating. I would also be more than happy to offer my property if they had good credentials from their last landlord and those credentials were backed up by the registration on this website”.

The majority of our members have also expressed the need for a tenants history to be provided direct from their previous landlord, as they find all other methods available untrustworthy – whereby a tenant’s ‘ CV ‘ or ‘ passport ‘ is compiled by the tenant themselves.

A Tenant Credential File gives a tenant better:

Credentials: Offering any prospective landlord or letting agent an unbiased account of a tenants history of tenure, presented by the tenant but created by their previous landlord(s).

Credibility: A tenants future landlord or letting agent can receive a verbal reference directly from their previous landlord, rather than rely on information presented by the tenant; as most landlords and letting agents will find this much safer and credible.

Credence: Referencing via landlordreferencing.co.uk will show a tenants future landlord or letting agent that their reference comes from the biggest, most reputable and trusted manually controlled Lifestyle Referencing Company in the UK. Whereby all details that are uploaded onto our unique system are never passed on to a third party; also making our system the safest in the country, to-date.

Credit: A lifestyle reference from a tenants previous landlords gives good tenants the deserved recognition and praise that they deserve (as well as pay for) and this in-turn will help all good tenants find better properties – and even a better rental price.

Creditworthiness: Potential landlords or letting agents will clearly be able to see that their prospective tenant’s rental payment history makes them a credit worthy candidate, based on their tenure history and not just their credit cards; which is exceptionally important for tenants with bad credit histories.

Building a Tenant Credential File couldn’t be easier;

  • Provide us with your name, email address and telephone number.
  • Provide us with your current landlords/letting agents details.
  • Provide us with your previous landlords/letting agents details.
  • Leave the rest to us and get the credibility you deserve.

You can create a file right now and the best bit is it’s totally free!

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