Tenant tries to frame Landlord for Car Accident!

Tenant tries to frame Landlord for Car Accident!

A Tenant Referencing UK landlord member has recently shared their story with us regarding a rogue tenant they’ve uploaded onto the database, that we’d now like to share with you here: 

‘A tenant has just tried to ‘frame’ me and I thought about Paul who I know was stabbed by a tenant.
I’m currently suing them for rent arrears (they were put into the property by an agent – also now fired) and they had a car accident. They gave my name, at the property address and of course the insurance company have written some very nasty letters to me as an uninsured driver. Stupidly, they hadn’t bothered to check that the car involved in the accident didn’t belong to me, I wasn’t registered or even owned the property in question and the wrote the initial letter to Mr/Mrs * *******. Idiots.
After lots of paperwork and detective work by a third party – not the police who clearly don’t want to know – we’ve proved that the car was towed and crushed and they signed the papers for the scrap people in order to have it towed away.

Its all been very stressful, especially when I’ve been asked to prove where I was at the time of the accident. Now I’m waiting for their report, as I want them prosecuted after causing me so much grief one way or the other.

I’m just glad I can warn others about this tenant through LandlordReferencing.co.uk, so the same doesn’t happen to you!’

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