Tenant Referencing 2014 | Landlords who use social referencing avoid £65,000+ debt this week

Tenant Referencing 2014 | Landlords who use social referencing avoid £65,000+ debt this week

debt reliefThe first LRS weekly tenant rent default for 2014 currently stands at £45,000+ and property damages at £20,000+ ; equaling a massive £65,000+ of debt avoided by each landlord that regularly references their tenants through LRS.

The most important aspect of LandlordReferencing.co.uk is to fully understand the meaning of “Tenant Referencing in Real Time”.

Mary Latham // Veteran Landlord, LRS Member & Chair of Homestamp // recently summed it up perfectly, via the LRS forum : “We all know that you can get Credit References from many sources and many different prices but getting a reference “in real time” is what makes LRS so valuable to us all.  The moment a landlords uploads the information to this site it is sent out as an alert and is immediately added to the records – this means that within minutes of a bad tenant leaving a landlord we are all warned that he/she is looking for new accommodation – It doesn’t get much better than that does it?  If only every landlord, every Letting Agent, every RSL and every local authority were to join this site we could end the pain caused by tenants who move from one of us to another causing havoc in our communities and taking services for which they have not intention of paying.  How can we make this happen in 2014?…”


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With landlords very rarely taking non-paying/disruptive/rogue/criminal tenants to court these days (and therefore nothing being recorded on their credit/financial file) the most valuable, cost effective and comprehensive Lifestyle Reference can only be obtained by joining LandlordReferencing.co.uk, which is completely free.

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