Tenant jailed for trashing housemate’s room

Tenant jailed for trashing housemate’s room

A tenant has been jailed for burglary after trashing his housemate’s room by pouring cooking oil and food over his housemate’s carpet and belongings.

Michael Llewellyn received 18 months on February 4 for breaking into the man’s locked room.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Llewellyn had been drinking when he decided to damage his housemate’s property.

The two men had fallen out amid a complaint made to police about Llewellyn that did not result in any action.

Llewellyn decided to deliver his unique form of ‘pay back’ whilst the other tenant was on holiday during January of this year.

Cooking oil and sugar was poured on the man’s TV and DVD player, food hurled from his fridge onto the carpet and a stereo thrown in a bin.

Llewellyn, 51, then of Sneinton Boulevard, left a trail of food from the man’s room.

Police were called when another tenant heard banging from the man’s room and saw Llewellyn going in and out at 9am.

Llewellyn, who admitted burglary, had no regrets as he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Judge Philip Head said Llewellyn’s pre-sentence report showed: “He regards himself as the victim and is thoroughly satisfied with the way he conducted himself.”

He told Llewellyn “What you did can only be called a horrible spiteful act of revenge.

“You and your victim had fallen out.

“He made a complaint to police. It wasn’t actioned. You decided to take revenge on him. You entered his locked room and trashed it.”

Richard Thatcher, in mitigation, said there had been difficulties between the tenant and the defendant.

“The main motive was to inflict some form of damage in way of revenge – to remove items that had blighted his life; the loud TV set and the loud stereo.”

There is no mention of the landlord, whose carpet has been purposefully trashed in this feud between tenants.

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