Tenant gets slashed with his own keys!

Tenant gets slashed with his own keys!

A 28 year old, private renting tenant has come forward to tell their story of how they were attacked on their way home from work, and why they fully support our unique Lifestyle Referencing system.

The tenant has requested to remain anonymous, so for the purpose of the story we will re-name them Bob.

At approximately 9:30pm, on Tuesday 24th July 2012, Bob was walking through the Italian Gardens (Weston-super-Mare) on his way home from work. As he crossed the gardens a group of 4 men and 5 women (aged between 18-21) caught Bobs eye, with which their reply was ‘WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???

Bob, wanting to avoid confrontation and get home as quickly as possible, simply replied “Nothing mate.” And with that the group of men jumped up, ran over to Bob and began to attack him! At one point one of the of the men grabbed Bob’s foot and another ran at full speed, kicking him square in the ribs.

Bob managed to defend himself (4 on 1) and began his journey home again, but the group followed. Nearly home, Bob then felt something hit the back of his head, which turned out to be a beer can. Sick of being attacked for absolutely nothing, as well as being tired from work, Bob turned around and warned the group that if they did it again ‘they would regret it.‘ Another beer can flew through the air, hitting Bob on the side of the head this time and covering his work shirt in beer.

At this point Bob had clearly had enough, and ran towards them; dropping his house keys in the process. Then, out of nowhere, Bob felt a sharp pain in his back. He turned around and it was the first male who had shouted at him to begin with, who then began to wildly punch Bob in the face, and the rest of the group all began kicking and punching Bob again. Coincidentally, someone that Bob knew happened to walk past at that moment too.

As the group ran off, and Bobs friend helped him up onto his feet, they heard one of them say “At least we got his keys.”

Bob checked his pockets and then felt his back; which now had a 12cm slash across it and had started to bleed.

They stabbed me with my own keys!” Bob exclaimed. Bob and his friend ran after them, pinned the culprits down and retrieved Bob’s keys. Whilst doing this, the first male who had shouted at Bob to begin with even had the cheek to run up to passers by and try and get them to help him attack Bob and his friend!

After retrieving the keys the gang ran off, never to be seen again.

“If it hadn’t of been for good old community spirit and common sense, it could have been a much worse situation. Luckily the general public realised what the other group were up to and allowed me to retrieve my keys” says Bob.

Since the attack Bob has not been able to laugh or cough without immense pain and discomfort. He has also experienced breathing problems.

He went on to say: “I didn’t report this incident to the police because, quite frankly, they’re useless! Also, I believe they (the attackers) were holiday makers; so there is even less chance of the police being able to do anything.”

“I know for a fact that the beer they were drinking only comes from a certain supermarket nearby, because of the type of multi-pack it came from. So I went there and told them my story, to try to find out who this gang was. But the well known chain was very unhelpful and were not willing to give out any information whatsoever.”


Lastly, I asked Bob some quick questions :

If there was a system that could stop people like your attackers from becoming your neighbour(s) would you tell your landlord about it?

Bob: “Yes, definitely! Landlords need to be aware of this kind of stuff that goes on; to protect their tenants and their properties, as well as our neighbourhoods and families.”

Would you also be interested in a system that could repair your credit score through your good rental payment history?

Bob: “Yes, that would be brilliant. Especially for the people out there who religiously pay their bills on time (like me!), but have got into difficulty in the past with catalogues, loan sharks, etc.”

What do you think about the impending Welfare Reform changes via Universal Credit (all benefits being paid to the tenant in one lump sum, with payment to the landlord being abolished) ?

Bob: “That’s ****! Totally ridiculous! This town is full of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, give them a lump sum of cash and what do you think they’re going to do with it?! It’s going to be way too much temptation! It will mess up rents for landlords, and it’s not fair to those of us that do pay our taxes and rents – we pay our rent for a reason!
It’s not just people in recovery either; one of my neighbours is a lovely guy but terrible at managing his money – if he was given a lump sum I know he would go straight out and buy something like a wide-screen TV and then lie to our landlord about it!
Its not fair and its not right!”

Has the under 35’s benefits cut affected you? And if so, how?

Bob: “Personally I like where I am (living), but since I heard about this change I’ve been worried sick about having to find another place to live. When my anniversary claim date comes round in December I won’t be able to stay here any more, unless I get more hours at work in the meantime; as I’m only working 15 hours at the moment.
The thought of having to share somewhere with someone is a big risk in my eyes as well, as what if either of our situations change?
I really do think this will create more homelessness, especially in Weston.”

What do you think is the biggest problem for people your age at the moment?

Bob: “Finding work. 6 of my friends have been made redundant in the last year and now can’t find anything. And I’m not talking about people with no qualifications either; they range from a chef to a nuclear physicist! One of them even has 4 degrees, and still can’t find work.”

A big thank you to Bob for providing us with this exclusive story.

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