Tenant from hell leaves 145 animal heads strewn around the garden!

Tenant from hell leaves 145 animal heads strewn around the garden!

A tenant from hell left 145 severed cattle heads scattered around her rented property’s garden, to the dismay of her landlord and neighbours.

Neighbours of Oksana Platonova were left in complete shock by the waste left behind at the £175,000 Siberian cottage. Ms Platonova lived in the cottage with her three children and her 56 dogs.

Landlord Irina Goman failed to check on her tenant for several months, having no idea that she was a dog breeder or that she had previously been accused of wrecking rented property in exactly the same way. One source said: “This is the fifth house which is destroyed by this woman in such a way.”

According to The Siberian Times, Platonova and her children were “living in this chaos”.

“Oksana was renting house with the right to buy it,” her landlord said.

“She paid for the first few months of living and then stopped paying.

“When I saw what Oksana turned the house into, I almost passed out.”

Friend Ivan Makarov said the hungry and ill-treated dogs “ruined the inside of the cottage”.

He said: ”Her expensive floor was all scratched and covered with dog excrement’s.”

Russian police refused to intervene, saying the owner and tenant had to resolve the dispute between themselves.

Platonova said she had paid £2,700 in rent for the property and “didn’t care” about complaints over the state of the house.

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