Why are private landlords playing Russian Roulette with their rent? …

19 January, 20180 Comments
Question: Do you think your hard working tenants (even with the best referencing in the world), who have paid the rent on time for years, are safe?… If so, then please think again !! We say this because over the last 10 years the UK has seen a surge in larger companies going bust, announcing
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Everything you need to know about the rental market in Portugal

30 June, 20160 Comments
Whether you are a landlord looking to invest in property in the Algarve or a tenant seeking out a new home in the sunshine it’s important you know your stuff when it comes to the rental market in Portugal. Here’s everything you need to know, broken down into landlords and tenants. For landlords Most rental
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Buy To Let: 6 Things You Need To Know

22 June, 20161 Comments
Thinking of investing in property? You’re far from alone. In November alone more than 20,000 buy to let mortgages were issued. Granted, that figure was inflated for reasons we’ll come to later, but the attraction of putting money into homes persists. If you’re tempted to follow suit, you’ll need to make sure your investment is
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3 Investment Options That Yield Extremely High Returns

11 March, 20160 Comments
You may have been putting money away for years, or have just recently come into a bit of capital. Either way, if you’re thinking of investing, you’ve finally realised that what you’ve got is an opportunity. Instead of leaving it to gain minimal interest, you can use money to make money. But you’re facing a
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HMOs outperforming BTL

19 August, 20150 Comments
According to The Mistoria Group, North West HMO’s are now outperforming single occupancy buy to let investments; which is driving more investment in student HMOs. Between the four year period between 2010-14 analysis has found that HMOs were the best performing asset class when comparing HMOs rented to young professionals against standard single occupancy buy-to-let
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How to make money in property and the mistakes to avoid

30 April, 20140 Comments
With all of the T.V programmes and newspaper articles taking about how people are getting rich in property every day, it’s easy to get drawn in to the glitz and glamour and the view that property is a short term ride to quick riches. But is it really the case? When I started in property
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Top 100 housing must reads; 2013 through the eyes of an LRS landlord.

31 December, 20130 Comments
Here is a compilation of the 100 most read, most interesting, and most commented upon Landlord Referencing Forum topics, from late 2012 to the end of 2013. (Click on title of each one to read the thread in full.) The Office of Fair Trading has today launched new online resources to help internet businesses comply
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