Want a mortgage? Don’t eat steak!

12 May, 20140 Comments
It emerged last night that mortgage applicants are being asked ‘Spanish inquisition’ style questions, including whether they play golf or eat steak. Some interviews have lasted up to 3 hours where applicants have been quizzed over the price of haircuts, their plans for more children and even their hopes of a pay rise. These questions
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Lifestyle quiz to secure a mortgage comes into force today

26 April, 20140 Comments
From today, new rules come into force that mean borrowers across the EU will be refused a mortgage if they fail a standard affordability assessment. According the the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) will ‘put common sense at the heart of the mortgage market and prevent borrowers ending up with a
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Government says benefit claimants more responsible than workers

31 March, 20140 Comments
The majority of the Mortgage Market Review changes will come into effect on 26th April 2014, where new rules will mean that borrowers across the EU will be refused a mortgage if they fail a standard affordability assessment. Please read : Mortgage Market Review explained by the FCA. Please read : How will the Mortgage
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70% of tenants fall into arrears

10 September, 20130 Comments
Following the introduction of the “Bedroom Tax” the amount of tenants struggling to pay their rent in Bristol has increased from 40% to 70%, according to a Labour councillor. Data gathered by the Landlord Services report reveals that tenants affected by the tax are in arrears at an average of £182.28, up from the introduction
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The BBC want to hear from YOU …

04 April, 20130 Comments
The BBC are looking to speak to landlords who are currently involved in a dispute with a rogue tenant over a renting/letting issue. With a view to being filmed for a BBC1 documentary – Please call producer Lily Murray, ASAP, on: 07843 096 546 . OR email Landlord Referencing Services and we’ll put you in
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WILL the bedroom tax cut under-occupation?

14 February, 20131 Comments
Nick Clegg has insisted that the penalties for the under-occupation of social housing will help to address the shortage of homes in the UK. Under the government’s penalties for under-occupation of social housing, widely known as the ‘bedroom tax’, working-age social tenants claiming housing benefit who are deemed to have spare rooms will have their
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Should prisoners be given the right to vote?

22 November, 20120 Comments
A draft bill on whether prisoners should be given the right to vote will be published today. MPs will be given three options: giving votes to prisoners who have been behind bars for four years or less, six months or less, or no votes for prisoners at all. In 2005, the European Court Of Human
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