universal credit

universal credit

Innovative lettings ‘Passport’ enables councils to house more and save more

18 November, 20160 Comments
Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK can now access a brand new solution to help many more low income renters find new homes and save public funds, through The Ark Passport. Did you know that UK councils have spent £3.5 billion on temporary housing over the last 5 years? With the introduction of Universal Credit
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Landlords are not changing the rules – Government have changed the rules

17 October, 20164 Comments
An experienced landlord has sent this in today, which we whole-heartedly agree with at the TR Group. RE: Shelter in the news today: More than four in 10 people face homes which fail acceptable standards – BBC News. So Shelter claim that more than four in 10 people in Britain live in homes that do
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50% of Universal Credit claimants now in arrears

19 July, 20162 Comments
As the number of Universal Credit claimants in debt is much higher than expected, Lord Freud has commissioned an “urgent” review to directly address the issue. Describing the proportion of claimants already in arrears before they switched over to direct payment of benefit for housing costs under UC as “frightening”, speaking in the House of
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First Ever Universal Credit fraud and error stats released

24 May, 20160 Comments
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published its first annual fraud and error findings for its Universal Credit (UC) welfare reform programme, as part of a wider benefit system report for the 2015/16 period. According to the latest DWP figures, overpayment rates for the programme were recorded at 7.3% during the last full
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The importance of referencing Universal Credit tenants

14 April, 20161 Comments
With Universal Credit in the news again this week, at Tenant Referencing UK we thought we’d draw attention to this: If a council or housing association tenant has one month’s rent arrears it will be paid direct to their landlord but if a private tenant has rent arrears private landlords must wait two months’ for
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Tax avoidance? – David Cameron; Change the record!

11 April, 20160 Comments
This weekend just gone, thousands of protesters have called for David Cameron’s resignation over the Panama Papers revelation.  Last week’s media shambles saw David Cameron being forced to admit that he did indeed benefit from an investment in an offshore trust based in a tax haven. It was also discovered that in 2013 Cameron personally intervened to oppose the beneficiaries of
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Department for Work and Pensions seeks views on sharing Universal Credit claimant information

21 October, 20140 Comments
The Department for Work and Pensions has opened a consultation seeking views on sharing Universal Credit claimant information with social landlords and local authorities. The scheme would help landlords assess and provide support to their tenants in relation to managing their finances. Marketing Intelligence Consultant at all pay (the public sector payment specialist) Ross Macmillan,
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Want a mortgage? Don’t eat steak!

12 May, 20140 Comments
It emerged last night that mortgage applicants are being asked ‘Spanish inquisition’ style questions, including whether they play golf or eat steak. Some interviews have lasted up to 3 hours where applicants have been quizzed over the price of haircuts, their plans for more children and even their hopes of a pay rise. These questions
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