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tenant news

If you raised the rent would your tenants fall into arrears ?

18 March, 20140 Comments
As the Chancellor puts the finishing touches to his Budget, due to be delivered tomorrow, coupled with the government stating that the UK’s economy is on the road to recovery – LRS would like to ask are your tenants flush or if you raised the rents would they fall into arrears? Business in the big
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A Christmas Greeting from Newham Council…oh, and a £20k fine

16 December, 20130 Comments
In a time of goodwill to all men, this week final warning letters will be sent to those landlords in Newham who have not yet registered for the UK’s first mandatory licensing scheme, and those that fail to comply face fines of up to £20,000. In May 2013 nearly 30,000 applications had been made for the flagship
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BREAKING NEWS: Tenant register and tenant referencing now a legal requirement…

11 December, 20130 Comments
…In 2031! But what if? And why not? What with landlords in Scotland already having a national register of landlords, ongoing debates regarding the introduction of a mandatory registration and licensing scheme in Wales – how long is it going to be before we see this introduced in England? Is this really about fairness and
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61% of landlords feel the risk to their safety has increased while collecting rents…

29 October, 20130 Comments
In an anonymous online poll of 200 Landlords LRS asked the question: Do you feel welfare reforms have increased the risk to your safety while collecting rents? We can now reveal the results; This is why Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is acting as an excellent deterrent to anti-social tenants, as once they find out that our
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Yet again, one law for tenants and another law for landlords

18 October, 20130 Comments
This week Eric Pickles has announced that millions of tenants will get a better deal when they rent a home, under new plans to help hardworking people. An ambitious package of proposals has been released by the Secretary of State to ensure England’s 9 million private renting tenants are protected from being ripped off by
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Good Landlord Scheme launched in Lincolnshire

07 October, 20130 Comments
West Lindsey District Council are about to launch a “Good Landlord” scheme, that aims to give tenants more confidence in their landlords. The council is working with DASH Services to raise awareness of the regional landlord accreditation scheme, which provides free membership, advice, guidance and financial discounts to landlords that sign up. Accreditation enables tenants
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Anti-social tenants – A new Bill set to make a difference

05 September, 20130 Comments
A new piece of legislation is set to make a huge difference to landlords, who have previously had difficulties evicting tenants on the grounds of anti-social behaviour. The year ending December 2012 saw over 2.3 million incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded by police in England and Wales; which is equivalent to around 6,300 incidents each
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New property fraud hotline launched

08 February, 20130 Comments
Concerned that your property may be subject to a fraudulent sale or mortgage? Then worry no more, as the UK Land Registry have now launched a Property Fraud Helpline. Specially trained staff are now available to speak to worried home owners and offer practical advice about what to do. The telephone number is 0300 006
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